Adhesive Security Seals

Adhesive security seals are a convenient and versatile means of protecting your goods at a low cost. The secret to getting the most out of them is to implement good supporting procedures. TruSeal manufactures two types of adhesive security seals: the Barcode Label and the TruSeal void label.

What’s the difference and which one should you use?

Barcode Seal

These are the most commonly used adhesive security seals. They can quickly and easily be applied to almost any surface and feature a barcode and serial number. Barcode seals are only effective as a means against theft when security checks have been implemented at checkpoints. This would mean establishing checkpoints where goods can be scanned and logged as they progress along their journey. Doing so makes it easier to pinpoint the location of where unauthorised access to goods in transit has taken place and also assisting in making connections with personnel who might have been on duty at the time. Our high quality, laser printed barcode seals come in rolls and measure 90x25mm.

Truseal Void Label Seals

An exceptionally high-quality void label made from polyester face material. High tack adhesive contains a message that clearly displays “VOID OPEN”, which cannot be prevented from showing when the seal has been opened. These seals are extremely effective when implemented to ascertain whether access has been gained to the contents of a package. Making use of void label seals can also act as a deterrent to theft in the first place. Potential thieves may think twice when they know that unauthorised access will not go unnoticed. What’s more is that these stickers can be serially coded, thereby adding an extra layer of security when proper package checks are implemented.

Bottom line

These durable seals help to counteract theft and product loss, as well as entry to any sort of confidential information.

Which one should you use?

That depends on whether you want to or currently make use of a system that incorporates barcodes. Also, if it is important to see whether access has been gained at a glance or not.

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