TruSeal has a reputation for keeping products inside and would be thieves out. Trusted by leading brands and companies to provide high security solutions, we supply seals of exceptional quality, manufactured to independently certified high-security standards. “High-security” is a certification, indicating that a product has undergone extensive testing. This is extremely important in the case of Anti-Tamper Security Seals.

Tamper-evident seals function in numerous ways. Firstly, they act as a deterrent. Many locking devices in our range of Anti-Tamper Security Seals have barcodes and serial numbers and we suggest scanning at regular checkpoints en-route, preferably with time stamps, to keep track of the whereabouts of your cargo. This creates a chain of accountability as your product checks in from one point to the next.

Our Indicative Anti-Tamper Security Seals draw attention to the signs of any interference. These seals are often used to protect cash-in-transit, cash boxes, pre-paid meters, casino gaming tables, sea & air freight containers and laboratories. Although they do not physically prevent access, they act as another powerful deterrent against tampering. These Security Seals are extremely effective, and quickly make any signs of manipulation evident.

The strength of the sealing device is important. Tough, durable materials have been used to craft many of our Anti-Tamper Security Seals and specialised equipment is needed to cut through the cores of these locking devices. Our Bulltip Seal, for example, has an acetyl insert and can even weather boiling and freezing conditions. It also has an indicator that signifies whether the device has been attached correctly and has locked into place. Toughness is the final bastion of defence against tampering.

TruSeal is the leading manufacturer of high-quality security seals and has a wide range from which to choose. We take great pride in the integrity of our products. Rest assured and allow us to take care of your security needs.