Are you tired of extricating your valuables from strange impractical containers when they arrive at their travel destination? Perhaps you have goods that you find mysteriously depleted whenever you need it most? Or maybe you just need peace of mind knowing that your money bags are well sealed and secured? Whatever your need, TruSeal has the bag seal security solution for you!
Our plastic seal range offers both Variable-Length Plastic Security Seals (Pull-Tight Seals) and Fixed-Length Plastic Security Seals (Bulltip Seals) depending on the purpose.

Variable-Length Seals

Similar to cable ties but offering more security, our pull-tight plastic seals are ISO 17712 compliant, and come with bar coding or sequential numbering for tracking and auditing purposes. It also has an internal locking mechanism to indicate whether or not your bag has been properly secured. The length of the seal is adjustable, and it has many applications, making it a versatile bag seal security solution to fit your specific needs. Our “Ultimate Seal” is a prime example of this kind of security device. The “Ultimate Seal” contains a spring locking system. The diameter of the strap is only two millimeters, making it perfect for use on small apertures. We also stock a range of “Numbered Seals” for security bags. These user friendly, tamper-evident seals have serial numbers and are the ultimate bag seal security solution to your secure your goods. It can be also be used in conjunction with our patented security bags for safe transportation of your valuables.

Fixed Length Seals

“Bulltip Seals” and “Dominator Seals”make up part of our fixed seal range. Bulltip Seals are exceptionally hardy and are manufactured from two different materials, an acetyl insert and a flexible polypropylene body. Rolled heat staking technology binds the insert to the body and will quickly indicate whether the seal was tampered with at any point along the route. The “Denominator Seal”is a tin plated steel seal. This bag security seal will put your mind at ease, durable and effective, it has a flat area that can be used for bar coding or laser marking. Although all-rounders and flexible to be used in many different applications, both of these seals are often used to secure bulk bags or by airlines.
TruSeal is South Africas leading expert in Security Seals. We stock a wide range of locking devices, and provide high-security sealing solutions to a variety of industry giants. Speak to one of our dedicated consultants and they will help you to find the correct seal for your bags.