Bank Security Bags

Bank security bags are a necessity for transporting cash. Why a security bags as opposed to the old canvas bags of yesteryear?

TruSeal bank security bags come in various shapes and sizes, each made from a unique material and designed for specific application in your workplace. Our bags are tough, can handle the roughest handling and are reusable (except for the TE Bags Stop-Loss and TE Bags Plastic Drop Safe), which means that wastage, breakages, and theft can be minimized. More importantly, many of our products can be barcoded or can be fitted with barcoded seals. With an effective system in place, chances of theft and can be further reduced as your cash in transit can easily be tracked from one location to the next.

TE Bags Plastic Drop Safe are made of transparent plastic and can be serially barcoded and numbered.

TE Bags Plastic Stop Loss are branded with tamper evident print and are highly reliable at indicating any signs of intrusion, thereby having the second function of acting as an effective psychological deterrent. These bank security bags instantly display clear indication when attacked by solvents, heating, freezing, moisture or mechanical means.

TruPack 004 and 008 are both manufactured in South Africa and are fitted with the TruSeal security locking chamber, are reusable and are made of durable PVC nylon material. The 004 variant can be used with the 004 range of TruSeal security seals, and the 008 variant can be fitted with the 004 and 008 versions of TruSeal security seals. The advantage provided by these bags is that the perfect seals for the job can be chosen, many of which can be barcoded. The nylon used in the construction is very tough, can withstand extreme levels of rough handling, and immediately be reused once a new seal has been put in place.

The TruSeal CIT Bulk Cash Bags are manufactured in South Africa and are made specifically for the transport of large volumes of cash, bank notes, and coins. Unlike the TruPack range, they are sealed with the TruSeal unique steel pin and washer and, in order to accommodate for the toughest of conditions, are made from heavy-duty PVC Nylon.

Fitted with TruSeal’s patented security padlock chamber, TruPack Security Bags are designed from PVC Nylon and are reusable. They provide an alternative sealing solution for those who prefer the use of padlocks or plastic pull-tight security seals.

The benefits of using TruSeal bank security bags are obvious. We have carefully manufactured products to suit even the most exacting requirements using state of the art design that adheres to the highest international standards.

Too many options and they all sound just as good? We would love to get in touch with you, discuss your bank security bags requirements and budget, and advise you in making the best decision for your business.