Bar-Coded Security Seals

How do you ensure the integrity & greater control of your supply chain systems?

Perhaps best method is to employ the use of bar-coded security seals.


Securing valuables for transport with strong security seals is a great deterrent in the prevention of theft, provided that you chose the right seal for the job. TruSeal manufactures & distributes world class products that are exceptionally durable and can be relied on to maintain their integrity even under the toughest of conditions. Employing security of this level already acts as a deterrent to any potential thieves. Breaking in and making away with goods becomes that much more difficult when some of the toughest seals in the industry are being used.

That being said, some particularly tenacious thieves might persist. That brings us to the next level of protection that can be employed. Bar-coded security seals serve a dual purpose.  Firstly, they act as a psychological deterrent – making it known that each seal will be scanned and accounted for goes a long way in dissuading potential thieves from even attempting to gain access to protected goods. It’s one thing to be able to remove a seal and covertly replace it with another, but the situation changes dramatically when each individual seal can easily be identified and accounted for at each checkpoint. Most negative elements would quickly reconsider taking action when they know that the products are being monitored in this manner.

Secondly, bar coded security seals act as a means to easily identify where theft has taken place. Should an individual break a bar coded security seal in order to steal or tamper with protected goods, the location, time, and even list of suspects can be narrowed down dramatically. Most Bar-coded security seals cannot simply be broken and swapped out.

Of course, this relies on the security system that has been implemented and level of vigilance with which it is enforced. As mentioned, logs for security seals should be kept and items should be scanned, or otherwise taken note of at various checkpoints. In the event that a seal is broken for legitimate reasons, the process and replacement seal should be logged so as to avoid confusion down the line.

Bar coded security seals are so much more than mere security seals. With proper implementation, they act as tracking mechanisms for your goods.


Barcoding can be done in a variety of different ways; the majority by laser printing, as in the case with the TX Security Seals, THL Security Seals, TM Security Seal, STS029 Cable Seals, STS045 Cable Seals, Bolt seals and STS008 Security Bag Seals. Laser printed bar-coded security seals are by far the best, with an exceptionally high-quality barcode being produced.

TruSeal is a market leader in security seal technology that offers certified high-security solutions to businesses of any size and in any industry. Contact us for more information on our bar-coded security seal solutions. We look forward to helping you implement the perfect security solution for your business.