Barcode Security Seals

Looking for an easy way to record the serial numbers off your Security Seals?

Barcode seals can make it easy to record numbers into a database, reducing process times and reducing human errors. Track goods as they pass through checkpoints and at receiving and outgoing points en route to their destination.

Barcode seals can be scanned and details digitally recorded, time- and location-captured on a system, and any irregularities noted and acted upon. Say, for instance, several thousand packages needed to be moved from point A to point F – some go missing at point C and a few more at point D. The check-in times have also been taken account of. It is then easy to take note of patterns that might paint a clearer picture as to what might be going on: Were items double-scanned, which means that someone forgot to load them, or were they simply not scanned at all, which could mean that they were quite likely stolen? Who was on shift at those times? Do packages seem to go missing when those same individuals are on shift each time?

In this manner, one can determine cause and narrow down suspects. Going without a system would leave you in the dark, anyone could be at fault and the theft could have occurred at any location on the route. Of course, this works best when a rigorously tested system has been implemented. That being said, any system is better than no system, and barcode seals can go a long way in making the process much easier and far more effective.

Not only will barcode security seals assist in tracking products, and isolating negative elements where theft is involved, they provide an additional function as a potent psychological deterrent to theft. With a well-implemented security system in place, records are kept as goods are moved from one location to another. Barcode security seals on packaging will give negative elements pause before committing unsavoury acts that might, more immediately, damage your finances; and in the long term have an impact on your company’s reputation. When it becomes obvious that everything will be checked, there is more inherent risk to theft. That, coupled with the fact that suspects and location can be isolated, helps in heavily dissuading malicious activity.

Ultimately, barcode security seals are a cost-effective way of adding an additional layer of security to that which you have previously implemented. Coupled with an effective system and tough security bags and seals, and risk of theft and product loss is greatly diminished.

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