TruSeal stocks an extensive range of indicative seals. Used in a wide range of industries, for an even wider range of purposes, these world class protection products are easily removed but quickly highlight whether any tampering has occurred. TruSeal is the trusted leader in the manufacturing and supplying of breakable security seals in the country. Industry giants such as G4S, Spar, SBV, Standard Bank, Fidelity, and many more, rely on us for the perfect security solution.

Variable-length Plastic Seals
Our Variable-Length Plastic Seals range consists of adjustable plastic tags, very similar to cable ties. All our easily breakable security seals are 100% ISO 17712 compliant, classifying the strength and effectiveness of the security product. Once applied, an internal locking mechanism prevents the strap from being retracted, securing it into place. The added security feature is sequential numbering and barcode that allows for the implementation of an audit system as a further deterrent against theft and tampering.

Our extensive catalogue of variable length Plastic Seals includes: Ultra Seals, TH Seals, TM Seals, TX Seals, THL Seals, Long ribbon Security Seals, and Ultra light Seals. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed by our wide selection, you can consult with one of our competent consultants and allow them to steer you in the right direction.

Fixed-Length Plastic Security Seals:
Tough as nails and built to withstand extreme conditions, the Bulltip Seal is composed of a fixed length acetyl insert and a Polypropylene body. Often used in the airline industry, on cargo and in refineries, these breakable Security Seals provide clear proof of tampering if forced open or severed and they have a convenient break-off point for easy access. If you are searching for a tag for security bags, you may consider our serial numbered STS004 or our STS008 Numbered Seals. The STS008 tag allows for faster serial number capturing and prevents human error when recording seal numbers.

Void Seals
TruSeal Security Labels be used for product authentication and counterfeit protection. Aside from the more obvious applications on parcels and packages, these breakable security seals are used in numerous different industries. Void Labels are often applied to tech products, cellphones and computers to discourage theft and tampering or to prove that a warrantee still applies. The pharmaceutical and medical industries often use barcoded void seals to prove and ensure that a product is sterile and safe. We also have our own brand label seal: the TruSeal Void Label. Made of polyester face material with high-tack adhesive making it not-transferable. It contains a concealed message that reads “VOID OPEN.” This message cannot be prevented from showing when a seal has been opened. These labels can also be sequentially numbered.