TruSeal is the most prominent manufacturer and seller of canvas security bags in Southern Africa region. Although we widely known for our large selection of security seals, we recognised a gap in the market for quality security bag solutions. TruSeal has patented our own range of durable canvas security bags with an ingenious security locking chamber we call TruPack™ Locking chamber.

To meet the requirements of our clients, the TruSeal Security Bag line consists of five distinct products. We’ll go into more detail here.

1) TruPack™ 004 Numbered Seals & TruPack™ 008 Barcoded Seals

These bags are often used for the safe storage of keys, documents and cash. We produced these in distinct colours, to make it easy to colour-code and identify the contents. The patented “TruPack” locking chamber is secured by our barcoded seals. The tough PVC nylon used in the production of the TruPack 004 and TruPack 008 is cost effective in that it can be reused. The seals used in conjunction with the TruPack™ 004 & TruPack™ 008 have laser-engravings with unique serial numbers, logos or barcodes, making it easy to track the bag and identify any tampering efforts.

2) TruPack™ Padlock Security Bags

TruSeal safe custody bags come in a variety of sizes and are colour-coded to work with padlock seals to provide tamper-evidence. Due to the scored galvanized steel wire, which is 1.2 millimetres thick, and the ABS plastic jacket these tamper evident seals are ideal for use on out Padlock security bags. There is a printable area on the plastic coat, and the standard serial numbers are seven digits with a prefix. However, TruSeal offers a made-to-order service and so a variety of barcodes, letters, and logos can also be laser branded.

3)  TruPack™ CIT Bulk Cash Security Bags

Large quantities of highly valuable goods can be transported and stored in TruPack CIT Bulk Cash Security Bags. These locking security bags made of heavy-duty PVC nylon and can be reused, making them the bag of choice for environment conscious businesses. They can be branded to any company’s specifications and come in a variety of colours. These canvas security bags, along with our patented one-of-a-kind security pen and washer sealing system,  are a formidable barrier against tampering and theft. Because the TruPack CIT Bulk Cash Security Bags are used to transport and store a lot of notes and coins, we manufacture these hardy bags to withstand the roughest handling for years to come.

4) TruPack™ TE™ bags

Although not made from canvas specifically it is worth mentioning our plastic TruPack Bags are just one of many products that TruSeal produces and sells. Drop safe cash security bags made of transparent plastic that can be serially numbered are available from us. If you need the contents to be visible during transportation, these are the ideal choice.

The sealing area where our tamper-evident bags close is highly specialised. The precise closure provided by the device locking mechanism, which is comprised of a liner, membrane, and glue, makes this the bag of choice for industries like mining and forensics that require audited storage and transportation.