Who would you choose to supply your cash bag security seals? When we say names like FNB, Standard Bank, Nedbank, as well as Shoprite Checkers, Pick n Pay, and Spar what do they have in common? These are all recognisable big brand names, with products and services that we need and rely on. And who do these industry giants trust for their security requirements? The number one South African security seal manufacturing company, TruSeal! We all tend to choose the ones that we trust the most to do business with, and TruSeal is a company who’s standards are so high that cash-in-transit companies such as Fidelity Security Group use our superior TruSeal security solutions to assist in the safe delivery of cash, private documents and valuables.

TruSeal has a wide range of quality products, made with high grade materials and using exceptional workmanship in the manufacture of cash bag security seals. These are absolutely necessary for the safe delivery of cash and other valuables. Our stringent criteria when fabricating our cash bag security seals and our TruPack™ product line guarantees the safe handling of your valuable goods. We understand that compromising on our quality can be a costly mistake for you, so we take your security needs seriously.

TruSeal’s trained consultants will help you to make the best choice of dependable cash bags, security seals, bolts sand tags. It is important though that the correct securing device or bag is purchased. There are two options to consider when choosing cash bag security seals, of course it depends on your requirements. You could choose to lock your pouch with a tamper evident seal or purchase our extremely resilient CIT bulk cash security bags. Whether you need to confidently transport valuables like gemstones, hard cash, or personal documents, TruPack™ will get the job done!

Using barcodes and sequential numbers, our tamper-evident, cash bag and security seals indicate when someone has attempted to access the contents. These tags help to track the package along the route, leaving a trail of accountability at each check point, that can be easily monitored.

TruPack™ 004 & TruPack™ 008

TruPack™ 004 and TruPack™ 008 are manufactured from tough PVC nylon material and are reusable. These are used to transport and store keys, cash, documents, till trays & other valuables. The TruPack™ 008 has a barcode that assists in cataloguing and tracking your goods, allowing for an extra level of protection to be implemented via checkpoints and the ability to better keep track of stock. Although they are our standard product, they meet the highest standards of our competitors and our customers.

TruPack™ CIT Bulk Cash Security Bags
Being used for storage & transportation of large volumes of notes and coins, it was important to make them from heavy-duty PVC nylon to withstand regular heavy usage. These Bulk Cash Security Bags are fixed shut with a steel pin & washer.

TruPack™ TE™ bags
When the audited storage or movement of items is vital, Tamper Evident Security Bags (TruPack™ TE™ bags) are used. These cash bag security seals are most often used in the banking & financial sector, security & forensics, mining industry, the post office and at universities and schools. TruSeal also manufactures and supplies many other products including Plastic Drop Safe Security Bags.

TruPack™ Padlock Security Bags
Also manufactured from impact resilient PVC nylon, our high quality TruPack™ Padlock Security Bags are fitted with TruSeal’s patented security padlock chamber which can be used with the barcoded and numbered padlocks or tamper evident, plastic, pull-tight seals for the safe transport or storage of valuables. We offer transparent plastic drop safe cash security bags that can be serially numbered. These are perfect if you require contents to remain visible throughout the duration of transportation. TruSeal has established itself as an industry leader in the cash bag security seals sector. We continue to innovate and improve, delivering cutting edge security solutions to our clients locally and internationally.

If you have any questions or have specific needs you want addressed, we can design and manufacture a custom product to suit your specific requirements just speak to one of our trained consultants! They are trained to assist you in finding the most appropriate security solutions including cash bag security seals.

We have established our company as an industry leader in the country. We manufacture to the highest international standards with independently tested, high-security ratings for many of our options, enabling us to also serve customers abroad. Our cash bag security seals are made to last and offer flexibility in terms of functionality and locking systems. Our bags are mostly made from heavy-duty durable PVC nylon and are reusable even after rough handling and extended use. We know that the last thing you would want to deal with are worn bags that break exposing your valuables and putting them at risk. This would be disastrous should it happen on the road and can be avoided by investing in a proven product, tested and used by many major brands. Protect yourself with TruSeal!