Are you looking for extra peace of mind while transporting your goods by trailer? TruSeal can help! We stock a range of independently tested and certified trailer security seals to suit both your needs and pocket. You can choose from either cable or bolt seals to fortify your trailer. As leaders in the field of high-security sealing solutions, over two thousand local and international companies rely on TruSeal to provide that extra layer of security for their goods and services. You too can trust our high security products to protect your supplies.

Cable Seals

TruSeal’s 029 Cable Seal is a strong locking device. Easy to apply and hard to remove, these seals are rated high security and yet remain economical. Manufactured from zinc extrusion, with tough NPC stainless steel cable and encased in durable ABS plastic, the seals are ISO 9001:2008 registered, as well as laser engraved with a 128-barcode comprising 6 and 7 digits. Barcoded security seals play an important role in preventing product theft and ensuring tamper-evident conveyance of goods. Barcodes allow for tracking and monitoring at various security checkpoints along the transport route.

Alternatively, you could try our 045 Cable Seal. These seals consist of NPC steel cables and a zinc extrusion reinforced in ABS plastic and are frequently used to protect cash-in-transit boxes. These durable seals can also be used as trailer security seals. They come fitted with an extended labeling area for 14-digit 2 of 5 interleaved barcode marking. This provides an added security feature by creating an entirely unique seal that makes tampering and attempts at replacement easily recognisable. 045 Cable Seals require the use of bolt cutters to gain access to a sealed shipment.

Bolt seal

Offering even more safeguard, bolt seals are composed of extremely tough materials, making it a formidable security apparatus. TruSeal’s 203 bolt seals consist of a barcoded, heavy duty steel pin and lock bush, as well as ABS plastic-coated bolt and locking bush. These industrial strength tamper evident seals require the use of specialised equipment to breach into the compartment. Any attempts to access your trailer will be obvious because of the barcode that is used to catalogue the seals. These powerful security devices are frequently used on sea and freight shipping containers. Bolt seals are extremely effective and make excellent trailer security seals.

TruSeal is trusted by top financial institutions and companies. We pride ourselves in the knowledge that we can provide you with high security solutions to protect your interests. If you are unsure which piece of equipment to use, you can speak to one of our highly trained consultants and they will advise you which trailer security seal will fit your budget and purpose.