Custom Printed Security Seals

TruSeal is South Africa’s premiere security seal manufacturer and, as such, we strive to accommodate our client’s needs. We understand that many businesses have tried and tested systems and would like an easy solution that requires minimal effort to implement. We also understand the value in branding and keeping in line with your established Corporate Identity. TruSeal has a solution in the form of custom printed security seals.

Making use of high-quality security seals is of benefit to any business, especially when used in conjunction with a thorough security process. Most businesses already have their own systems set up or require a system that integrates with their business. Items might be labelled sequentially or with codes to be scanned at incoming and outgoing checkpoints, or in warehousing.

TruSeal offers a wide variety of custom printed security seals – barrier, bolt, cable, security and indicative seals, many of which can be custom printed with serial numbers or barcodes to suit your business requirements.

Implementing an effective security system where goods in transit can be scanned at checkpoints will allow for better tracking as a primary detection method of theft or loss. Goods can more easily be accounted for as they reach checkpoints as seals can be marked with unique identifying codes that allow for a quick and painless scanning process.

Custom printed security seals act as a deterrent to theft – each seal differs from the others. The mere fact that a secure system is being enforced also assists in reducing potential theft by implication that all goods will be checked and tracked. Security seals also can’t be covertly broken and replaced as the replacement seal won’t have the same serial number or barcode as the previous one. Theft from within the business is less likely when the threat of detection is greater and the location of theft can easily be determined by following a serial or barcode trail and checking the last scanned location. A similar process can assist in isolating suspects or in identifying areas of weaker security. Goods with a custom printed security seal can be identified if they had gone missing and were later found.

Your business is unique, so are your security processes. We offer the highest quality laser-printed, barcode or serial numbered seals for operations of any size – we adhere to the strictest international standards and apply the same level of attention to detail when manufacturing custom printed security seals.

As any business knows, keeping your branding in line is important. That’s why we offer custom printed security seals featuring your company logo – it looks more professional, and serves as an additional layer of brand presence, wherever your sealed products go.

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