Custom security seals are purpose built and uniquely crafted security solutions aiming to deter and prevent criminal organisations or individuals from tampering with your goods. Theft, counterfeiting, fraud… these are problems faced by many, if not most companies in the world today. The impact of this can not only costs millions in stolen revenue, but is also capable of permanently damaging the reputation of a product and the enterprise involved.

TruSeal offers a wide range of different custom security seal solutions. We strive to accommodate your bespoke security needs. Many our patented products are designed by TruSeal, in fact we are largest local manufacturer of Security Bags in South Africa, all which can be custom-made to your company’s specifications. TruSeal is proud of the adaptability of our manufacturing process to accommodate your unique requirements while simultaneously adhering to fast turnaround times. Our tailor-made seal range can be used in various applications such as inventory control, gates, wildlife tags, trailers, bags, toolboxes and containers.

TruSeal also offers laser printing service to distinguish your company’s seal. We understand the value and necessity of branding in today’s world and maintaining the Corporate Identity. TruSeal can accommodate this by custom printing your security seals to match your brand’s requirements. Custom security seals add an extra layer of security as they are easily identifiable and less easy to replace, thereby reducing opportunistic theft substantially.

Various TruSeal Security Seals have surfaces on which we are capable of custom print serial numbers, barcodes and logos. You may want to explore our barrier, cable, security, bolt and indicative seal range to find out which security seal will suit your business requirements. You will definitively know whether your custom security seal has been tampered with if it arrives without your logo. The barcodes and serial numbers leave an accountability trail when they are scanned at checkpoints along the route . Custom security seals also make it easy for stolen products to be identified. This is a major deterrent to would-be thieves. Besides all these extra security features, your Custom security seal will also project and air of professionalism, individuality, competence and quality and as an added bonus, provides brand advertising while your goods are in transit and storage.

TruSeal is service focused and we endeavour to meet your company’s unique security needs. We offer the highest quality security seals, abiding by the strictest international standards. Our bolts, seals and bags are trusted by many of South Africa’s leading brands in various industries to provide world-class security solutions. You can trust us to assist you to find the best security solution for your company.
TruSeal is trusted by over 6000 enterprises in South Africa, including some of our biggest brand names. Contact us now for a free quote on custom printed security seals for your business.We have experienced sales staff waiting to take your call.