TruSeal offers a range of the best deposit security bags on the market. We cater to a wide range of businesses, from banks to casinos, and even store owners. Moving cash from one location to another exposes any business to a certain degree of risk and we’ve come up with a range of products to help minimize or eliminate most of the hazards commonly experienced when transporting money.


Our bags are tough. Many are reusable and due to the exceptional quality control maintained throughout the manufacturing process and the durable materials used, we offer products that are a cut above the rest. Our TruPack™ CIT Bulk Cash Security Bags, for instance, are made from heavy-duty PVC nylon and are designed to carry large amounts of coins or notes while still maintaining structural integrity in the face of rough handling. They are secured with a steel pin and washer to prevent unauthorised persons from gaining entry.

For smaller amounts, we offer TruPack™ 004 Security Bags and TruPack™ 008 Security Bags. These bags come in varying sizes, with the largest still able to carry substantial volume. They are ideal for till trays, valuables, keys and documents, but can easily accommodate large amounts of cash, making them perfect as deposit security bags. The zip and TruSeal security locking chamber make them easy to use and more secure than most other options on the market. We manufacture these bags from durable PVC nylon material, ensuring that they can be reused over extensive periods of time without soon experiencing wear and tear damage.

Other bags, such as our TE Bags™ react to and clearly indicate any signs of tampering. Unconventional means of attempted entry, such as heat, cold, solvents, or liquids will not go undetected. These bags are manufactured in high-strength 2- or 3-layer Top Quality Virgin opaque or clear Polyethylene and come in various sizes or can be custom manufactured to suit client needs.

Our classic Plastic Drop Safe Security Bags are extremely durable and feature the additional benefit of being serially numbered and barcoded while allowing the contents to be observed.

This is a small overview of a few of our products. We offer deposit security bags and an array of seals to suit any business and budget. Give us a call or get in touch via the contact form to speak to a consultant and we’ll work alongside you find the best solution for your business.