What goes into making effective security seals?

To the average person security seals seem like such simple yet modern devices. However, seals have a lengthy history and have evolved over the centuries to meet increasing demands with growing challenges in an adverse environment. Gone are the days that a simple wax seal is enough to guarantee receipt of an untampered envelope from a horse riding messenger. Whether it’s simple seals like electric meter seals, or more complex seals such as ones with sequential numbering and bar codes, or unique seals with laser etching of logos and other uniquely identifiable markings or high security seals to withstand the most aggressive attempts at breaching, a lot goes into the design and construction of all effective security seals at TruSeal.

We’ve brought seals a long way since the inception of TruSeal. How do we did we do it? The same way we have done since we started. Our first priority and strong focus on providing the absolute best, most reliable and secure seals for today’s discerning customer, has served us well. The process is simple yet effective as we apply it meticulously. Our process begins with in-depth research and development, then innovative product design, followed up by extensive sourcing of top quality materials. We establish a consistent yet flexible manufacturing processes, and implement effective quality control with the application of policies and procedures designed to insure fast turn around time for TruSeal customers… from order date to delivery.

Research and Development

So let’s talk about research and development in the security seal industry. Although TruSeal has an extensive line with a wide range of security seals for every application, our experience tells us that there is an ever increasing demand for a wider range of top quality, effective security seals. Although we have engineers tasked with assisting us in this area, our biggest resource is you the customer! Customer feedback continues to shape the direction of our research and development which in turn leads to product designs to serve their needs. Also, we are constantly investigating other security areas that would benefit from the use of security seals. Talk to us. If we don’t have what you need, we can develop it for you!

Product Design

Product design is always key in the production of effective and reliable security products which is why we test and retest every new design to insure that it meets the highest standards of quality, strength, durability, consistency and reliability. Just a cursory look at TruSeal’s user friendly web site gives you a good idea of the professionalism that goes into everything that we do. The products not only look good, they are well designed to be as effective as possible for their respective applications. Our innovative designs stand out from the completion because of our consistent use of the highest quality materials from the best sources possible.

Top Quality Manufacturing Materials

Polypropylene, PVC nylon, stainless steel, ABS plastic and scored galvanised steel wire, are some of raw products that TruSeal uses to manufacture its security seals and security bags. If one wants the best, then you must use only the best, which is why TruSeal goes the extra mile in doing its due diligence in securing the absolute best raw materials to manufacture our security products. Our suppliers guarantee the quality of their products, giving us the confidence to give TruSeal customers piece-of-mind with our own guarantee of materials and workmanship. After all, top quality and effective security products don’t only need to be made from the best materials available, a well designed and consistent manufacturing process is essential to manufacture products that will meet the most stringent quality control.


Innovative, efficient, cost effective and consistent manufacturing processes are critical to the success of manufacturing top quality products that are competitively priced. TruSeal has it all! Innovation is exemplified in our rolled heat staking technology.. Efficiencies are exemplified by the type and quality of manufacturing equipment we use, proper training and retention of the most consciencious employees, including quality control inspectors and highly experienced and responsive management. We welcome any customers, current or potential, to come inspect our facilities to see for themselves that we are a world class manufacturer of security devices.

Quality Control

Quality control. Everyone talks about it, some apply it, others fake it, but we at TruSeal live it! How else can we insure that our customers have piece of mind knowing they can count on the quality of our seals to protect their information, cash and valuables from prying eyes, sticky fingers and opportunistic thieves? We don’t just apply quality control standards at the end of the production line. Quality control begins at the research and development stage to insure that only the most accurate data and information is considered. All recommendations from research and development are then filtered through our highly experienced management team before moving to product design. Product design has its own form of quality control through the testing and retesting of designs, as well as customer feedback and management review. Our buyers charged with sourcing our raw materials are extremely knowledgeable in their fields, yet still apply quality control through research and peer review. Again, overseen by hands on management. The manufacturing process goes though routine inspections at every stage of manufacturing including the finished product which is finally inspected and certified by one of our meticulous quality control inspectors who recognise the importance of their work. Not only goods and information could be at risk from a faulty security product, lives may also be at risk. Quality control is one area that we won’t cut corners. TruSeal only supplies the best security products including high security seals to meet the most demanding quality control standards including ISO.


Policies and procedures are well developed at an established, successful company like TruSeal. However, policies and procedures must be effectively communicated throughout any successful company in order to maintain the highest standards. From cleaning and maintenance staff, to office staff, sales people, assembly line workers, management and of course our quality control and security staff, all are educated on TruSeal’s policies and procedures and dedicated to applying them consistently. We recognize the importance of working together as a team in order to manufacture the most effective security seals.