“An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” We’ve all heard the saying, but do we apply the principle? We, at TruSeal, are able to provide you with a fix and are more than qualified to advise and assist you with preventative measures. Our wide range of electric meter security seals are designed to give cost effective means against electric meter tampering. An issue which can be very expensive to “cure”.

With the escalating cost of electricity, coupled with the increasing demand for it, the widespread issue of meter tampering in South Africa is expected to increase. As it is, some municipalities estimate 15% of their electric meters have been tampered with. This results not only in significant losses of income, it can also be very expensive to correct. Widespread tampering relates directly to you, as decreased electricity revenue results in increased tariffs, which raises your cost of electricity. These significant figures show that meter tampering is relatively easy and must be collectively addressed to minimize the damage caused. TruSeal’s electric meter security seals are the best way that you can protect yourself.

Hazards For All
While everyone should be conscious of the hazards caused by electric meter tampering, municipalities, business entities and any others that must monitor and collect electricity fees need to be especially vigilant. An effective way to do that is with TruSeal electric meter security seals, supported by a routine inspection program. The obvious consequence of not doing so, is the financial loss as a direct result of meter tampering, but other dangers include severe injury and possibly death by electrocution, bad wiring that may lead to potential fire hazards and, once the meter has been damaged, electrical faults on the premises may not be detected by the meter preventing the power from tripping.

Ounce of Prevention
Electric meter security seals, along with a routine, vigilant inspection program is your preventative measure to address this serious issue. Tampering will easily be detected and corrected if the seal has been compromised. A business entity monitoring multiple electric meters can lose a vast amount of money should tampering occur unnoticed. Also, the entire structure (and possibly surrounding structures) is at risk of the many hazards that electricity theft creates. All utility meter can be safeguarded against tampering with TruSeal’s wide range of electric meter security seals.

TruSeal Meter Seals – A Pound of Cure at the Cost of an Ounce of Prevention
TruSeal electric meter security seals with their increased strength and durability will withstand abuse, while serving as an effective psychological deterrent to any individual with plans to sabotage a utility meter. For example, the EM Security Seal, which is a twist tight seal, is particularly made for securing electricity meters, labs and gaming tables. It has a polycarbonate jacket and a steel wire construction, the cap is ultrasonically welded for added security. The EM Security Seal is serially numbered, and is manufactured in various colours, making covert replacement impossible if a proper inspection program has been implemented.

Meter tampering is a problem that requires proactive steps to be taken in order to minimize damages. TruSeal is ready to advise and assist, speak to our professionals via the contact form or give us a call so that we can help you find the most cost-effective electric meter security seals to protect your investment, your business and your customers against the illegal connections.