As electricity becomes more and more scarce, households and businesses are gravitating towards gas and gas products to power their stoves, geysers and heaters. Often the bottles and meters are placed outside, making it easy pickings for the intrepid criminal. Therefore, it is important to ensure that these are secure and protected from tampering. This article will discuss how gas meter security seals help defend bottles, storage cages and utility meters and how it can help protect both consumers and businesses from potential risks.
Security seals work by preventing unauthorised access to the meter and its components. Different types of security seals can be used depending on the level of security needed and the environment in which the gas bottle, cage or meter is located. Tamper-evident seals, padlock seals, cable seals and lead and wire seals are some of the most common types of gas meter security seals. When it comes to securing your goods, selecting the right seal is essential. Each of these seals has their own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to understand the differences between them before making a decision.


Deciding on the correct gas meter security seal for your application:


  • Use a seal with the appropriate breaking force. There are a variety of plastic pull tight tamper-evident seals available, with break force strength ranging from 15kg to 40kg. Padlock seals offer a medium break force that can be severed by hand or with cutters, whereas lead, clip and wire require a tool to breach. Cable seals are especially formidable!


  • When selecting your seal, consider the environmental conditions it will be exposed to and also the length of time. Plastic, lead and wire do not corrode, making these gas meter security seals ideal for outdoor use.


  • Note the aperture that the seal needs to fit through. Tamper-indicative plastic seals for example, have different length and width straps, some have gripping spikes to take into consideration as well that may prevent your seal strap from passing through the hole.


The TruSeal security solution:


Taking all of these points into consideration, it’s important to also factor in the quality of the seals and sales service. Big name brands, banking institutions and security companies across Africa trust TruSeal products, making us the leading manufacturer and supplier of security seals and security bags on the continent. TruSeal offers a comprehensive range of seals and we will certainly have the right gas meter security seal to secure your apparatus. Not only do we supply quality products but we also provide excellent service. We keep our warehouse well stocked to ensure that our wares are delivered on time and our staff are trained to provide advice should you have any questions.