High Quality Security Seals Meeting ISO PAS 17712 Standards

About PAS ISO 17712

So, what’s the deal with high security seals meeting ISO PAS 17712 Standards and what does it mean for your business? Run a search for security seals and you’ll see pretty much anything that you could ever possibly need in terms of security seal solutions. The real trouble comes in the deciding what makes one brand better than another? What about the classification of seals? More importantly (and to cut to the chase) what’s the best seal for your business and why?

See, the dangers of investing in inferior products cannot be emphasized enough. Going the cheapest route mostly means that you aren’t sure of what you are getting right up until something goes wrong. Pick blindly and the product may not live up to expectations down the line. How much is that going to cost your business in terms of profit? How much in terms of your reputation?

Cutting costs and making uninformed decisions in the short term can turn into a very expensive and potentially embarrassing exercise in the long run.

The answer: High Quality Security Seals.

High quality security seals meeting ISO PAS 17712 standards have achieved, if not surpassed, the requirements laid out by the International Organization for Standardisation. What this means for you and your business is that investing in ISO PAS 17712 seals gets you security seals that conform to the highest international standards. That’s a big deal. In fact, the quality of security seals is so important that, by law, all containers bound for the US have to be secured with high security seals.

The testing process

A third-party laboratory performs all testing. All Bolt seals and Cable qualifying as high security seals through the ISO PAS 17712 testing are marked with “H” on the seal’s body – that’s an easy way of identifying a high security seal.

The first round of testing is done to determine the seal’s physical strength. This constitutes mechanical testing. We’re looking at toughness here – the sheer strength of the seal – its reliability and durability.

The second round of testing, a newly implemented requirement, requires high security seals meeting ISO PAS 17712 standards to be tamper evident. Such seals must provide clear indication in the event of any form of tampering. Seals disturbed in this manner cannot be replaced without the action being noticed because they can be marked with a unique number that is recordered upon sending and checked upon delivery. TruSeal high security seals are all marked with a prefix & 6 or 7-digit serial number with various barcoding options also available.


The testing process involved in obtaining ISO PAS 17712 certification is extremely thorough and seals that qualify are at the very pinnacle of the security seal market. The manufacturing facilities have to be cutting edge and must adhere to international standards of practice.

TruSeal is proud to have a range of high security seals meeting ISO PAS 17712 standards. We maintain the highest standard of quality throughout our product range and continue to innovate and improve, meeting even the most demanding customer’s needs.

Comprehensive testing through regulated bodies to achieve high-security status is mandatory for a reason – to protect business owners from unnecessary risk to their product and their reputation. TruSeal high Security seals meeting ISO PAS 17712 standards can be trusted to perform. That’s what it all comes down to. If you are serious about security, about protecting your reputation and products, have a look at our high security seal range or get in touch with us so that we can help you to develop the ideal security solution for your business.