High Security Bolt Seals

Bolt seals are most commonly used to secure sea freight containers as well as trucks and trailers. Offering far more security than a traditional lock, bolt seals are made of extremely tough materials and cannot easily be forced open. More importantly, tampering can easily be proven. The plastic-coated bolt and locking bush are laser marked with identical sequential numbers, essentially preventing attempted covert part swaps, or other means of subterfuge following tampering. Of course, proper security protocol must be implemented and adhered to in order for tamper detection to be effective.

High Security

Our bolt seals comply with international standards and have an ISO17712 rating, granting them a high-security rating. This is essential for international goods transport and it means that they are accepted by customs all around the world – of particular note are the stringent US customs. The ratings are granted by an independent agency.

Build Strength

Our STS203 high security bolt seals have been constructed for toughness, tamper evident and reliability with a high strength steel pin and lock bush, both of which are plastic coated.


Need something customized to suit your corporate identity? We offer branding solutions so that our bolt seals can be easily identifiable with your company logo or unique mark.

Why high security bolt seals?

Using anything less is not advised when transporting high valued goods. Global customs have strict rules on what qualifies as high security. High security bolt seals are exceptionally durable and can’t be removed without the use of special tools. If safety is a concern, especially when large volumes or valuable goods are a factor, anything less puts you and your business at an unnecessary risk.

Insist on Bolt Seal rated as High Security and ISO17712. Quality control is of the utmost importance when making decisions when in the market for high security bolt seals.