High Security Seals – customer confidence

Opportunistic theft – someone sees an opportunity to make away with some of your valuable product and takes it. Security seals act as an extra preventative measure to reduce the chances of that from happening. High Security seals make it almost impossible (when used in conjunction with the correct security measures).

What makes a seal “high security”?

High security isn’t just a term used to describe what some might perceive to be “better” seals, or seals that appear to be tougher than the rest. In order for a seal to be rated as high security, it needs to meet with world customs and ISO security standards, having gone through a rigorous testing process and been found to comply with the highest international standards. Most need to be made of strong materials that require special tools to be opened.

The World Customs Organization’s Framework of standards endorses and encourages the use of seals having achieved an ISO 17712:2013 rating, as does the US Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT), and that’s what we offer to our customers – certified high security seals having undergone and passed independent testing at an international level.

Bolt seals and cable seals form a large part of this category, especially when considering their excellent use on sea freight containers. They are numbered to prevent easy replacement, thereby further deterring potential theft.

There are a variety of high security seals available to suit most needs and TruSeal offers bespoke solutions, tailored to your businesses exact needs.


TruSeal is focused on making products that are easy to use, meet client requirements and are highly innovative. We maintain that creating the most secure environment possible is far better than running the risk of losing product. For those in the business of transporting valuable cargo or sensitive data, worse still is the potential for losing customer confidence. The documentation has been stolen, the goods have gone missing and you, as the owner or department head have to make that call. As confidence plummets, so do profits.

It’s difficult enough to build a good reputation. Recovering from negative fallout is an even greater task. Take preventative measures to minimise risk, knowing that you have done all you can to protect your or your client’s goods as well as your reputation.


Bolt Seals

Our STS203 Bolt Seal is a great example of a high-security bolt seal. The high strength steel pin and lock bush make it extremely tough and the laser marked plastic coated bolt and locking bush provides for even greater security

Cable Seals

For a high security cable seal, our 029 & 045 Cable Seals provides an extremely robust solution. It is made from zinc extrusion covered in ABS plastic & NPC stainless steel cable. To act as a further level of protection, each high security cable seal is individually marked and barcoded with 6 to 7-digit serial number and code various barcode options.

We have an extensive range of products and would like to work alongside you in making the best choices to suit your business. We look forward to hearing from you.

Once the seal has been disturbed by tampering, it cannot be replaced. If the proper procedure has been implemented, becoming aware of unauthorized entry is far easier than ever before. Unlike a lock, the seal cannot be swapped out for another without it being evident as our TruSeal tamper evident seals are numbered and or barcoded.

If upon reaching a check, the seal is found to be broken or tampered with, the transport line can be traced back to where it was last intact, thereby assisting with the identification of handlers and potentially making it easier to apprehend culprits.

Minimising Risk with tamper evident security seals

Is it worth the risk to your business? For those who truly wish to protect their product, whether documentation, cash, or goods, TruSeal has you covered. TruSeal continues to evolve as new technology becomes available and our tamper evident seals provide world-leading security to protect your business.

TruPack bags also form part of our range, which are designed to be strong and re-useable.
Where keeping your goods safe is a priority, tamper evident seals are one of the most effective products available and can be deployed to immediate effect in drastically reducing product theft and unauthorised entry.