High security seals are in great demand in these challenging times and will become increasingly so. At TruSeal we continually analyze trends and respond to them in our product development and our wide merchandise range of security seals are manufactured to meet our customer’s needs.

TruSeal is one of South Africa’s leading manufacturer and suppliers of security seals with products that meet international standards, some of which are ISO certified. If you are looking to ensure that your cargo arrives safely, TruSeal is the high security seal supplier to trust. One of our most secure devices comes in the form of our Bolt Seal, with their most common application being to secure sea freight containers as well as trucks and trailers. When a traditional lock doesn’t provide a sufficient level of security consider the use of this item. It is constructed of extremely tough materials making them more difficult to be forced open, and is the preferred choice of customers with high security demands. As an added security feature, tampering can easily be detected as the plastic-coated bolt and locking bush are laser marked with identical sequential numbers, effectively preventing attempted covert part swaps, or other means of deception to cover up tampering. Adding your company logo will ensure that your device is unique and was not replaced. As in the case for all situations where security seals are used, a proper security protocol must be implemented and strictly followed in order for sabotage detection to be effective.

As is the case with many of TruSeal’s products, particularly high security seals, our bolt seals comply with international standards having an ISO17712 rating, granting them a high-security status. This is a requirement for international cargo transport and means that they are accepted by customs all around the world, including the most stringent US and Australian customs. The ratings are granted by an independent third party agency assuring the industry an impartial, accurate and reliable rating. Our STS203 high security bolt seals are manufactured for toughness, are tamper evident and extremely reliable.

Using anything less than an ISO certified high security seal is not advised when transporting high value items. International customs have stringent rules on what meets a high security rating. TruSeal’s bolt and cable seals are highly durable and cannot be removed without the use of specialized tools. Insuring that you only use bolt seals rated as High Security and ISO17712, following up with an effective security monitoring protocol, where quality control is of the utmost importance protects you and your customers.

These seals are designed to discourage opportunistic theft, showing evidence of tampering, and preventing contamination or trafficking of smuggled goods. It can’t be emphasised enough that the effective security protocols with routine inspections are vital in the effectiveness of keeping your cargo secured. They need to include security procedures for training staff, obtaining seals, proper fitting, routine inspection, safe storage, removal and disposal, as well as record keeping, reporting, analysis and interpretation of findings. TruSeal can advise and assist in all of those areas. Our seals and protocols are designed to prevent bypassing of the seal by professionals or trained individuals.

TruSeal has always focused on strength and security when developing any of our high security seals. As mentioned before our bolts are manufactured from steel and encased in plastic. They are anti-spin 18mm ISO and require a strong break force averaging 1300kg and are removable by bolt cutter. TruSeal Bolt Security Seals are single-use seals, once destroyed they can’t be reused. Each device has a serial number on the pin & lock bush, a unique identifier that only adds to the effectiveness of the product.

Heard enough? One last piece of information to assist you in your decision on purchasing and applying high security seals. TruSeal provides an added service customizing products to suit your corporate identity by offering branding solutions so that our bolt seals can be easily identifiable with your company logo and/or unique mark. Contact one of our trainers professionals now to discover the wide range of security solutions. They will enthusiastically assist you in arriving at a solution to meet your company’s needs!