Does the transportation of goods form the cornerstone of your business? This is when your business is at it’s most vulnerable. Your goods are leaving the safety of your hands and it’s now up to the security measures that you have put in place to make sure that they arrive at their destination. The impact of theft is twofold: You lose money and you lose reputation.

The worst-case scenario is that you experience theft that goes unchecked over a long period of time. Little by little the amount adds up and the culprits go unnoticed as they continue to steal just enough that it’s difficult to take note of where it happened, who the criminals are, and how long it’s been going on for. It’s not difficult to imagine a situation like this going on for years.

The second worst-case scenario is when you are unable to deliver goods promised. Your clients have invested in your product and explanations of theft will not suffice. This can deter other companies from investing in you and the effects of loss of reputation can have far-reaching effects that impact your business for many years down the line.

The solution? High security truck seals. TruSeal sells a range of high security truck seals to make it that much more difficult for unauthorised entry to take place. Many of our seals require special equipment to open and are extremely tough, able to withstand very rough conditions. More importantly, our high security truck seals can indicate entry and cannot be covertly replaced. They can be white labelled and customized to fit in with your pre-existing security protocols with custom bar-coded identification and laser-etched serial numbers. This has the added benefit of making you look good with branding that fits your CI.

Some of the biggest names in the business, including FNB, Standard Bank, Spar, Pick and Pay, and Fidelity, as well as over 6000 other companies across South Africa, trust us with securing their goods in transit. We make a habit of innovating to keep ahead of the curve, consistently delivering the highest quality seals to meet and exceed the strictest international standards. Many of our designs are patented, meaning that we offer unique security seal solutions that cannot be obtained elsewhere.

We work alongside each and every single one of our customers to formulate a solution that best suits their requirements and budget.

Why put yourself at risk? Make the decision to use the best security seals on the market so that you can experience peace of mind and, in the worst-case scenario, a means to assist in putting an end to theft.