Security seals are in use in almost every industry where valuables have to be protected against contamination and theft, whether accidental or deliberate. With such high demand comes an ever increasing supply of security seals from all corners of the globe. Unfortunately, quality at the manufacturing and customer service level may vary greatly from one supplier to the next, which makes choosing the best supplier for your security seals somewhat of a challenge.

TruSeal adheres to the highest international standards and is committed to delivering only the best quality seals at the cutting-edge of current seal technology. We’ve made a list of the most important things to take into consideration when going through the process of selecting a supplier of security seals. Not incidentally, these are also the main points that drive us to deliver the best products and service on the market.


Good security seals adhere to strict standards and are made of the most robust materials available. Guidelines have been established for a reason and proper classification should carry great weight when choosing a seal. Many of our plastic and barrier seals, for instance, are ISO17712 compliant which means that they have passed the requisite stringent physical strength and quality tests.

Bespoke Solutions

Your business is unique. We understand that. TruSeal offers a wide variety of security seals to cater to each industry, from casinos to banking, from sea & air freight to land transportation, and for each of those industries we offer an array of high-security seals to suit your exact needs and budget. We do not believe that you should have to compromise or make concessions when planning the security of your business. Many of our seals can also be barcoded and laser branded with your company’s logo. It’s important to find the right seal for your particular application. TruSeal has exactly what you need to make the most of your security solution.


Sub-par service and slow turnaround times can be disastrous for both small and larger businesses alike. Seals need to be replaced when gaining access and a supplier that cannot keep up with demand is simply not good enough. TruSeal believes that you come first. Our customers drive us to innovation and continued efforts at improving our service. We have established a network of couriers running to and from our warehouse in Johannesburg to ensure turnaround times that impress. We also offer excellent customer service and are always a phone call away to assist with any questions that you may have.

The right supplier

Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. We are committed to combining the three major principles of quality, bespoke solutions, and service to bring you the very best that you can find. Security seals are a major part of an effective security solution. TruSeal is committed to meeting your requirements at every level.