Seals have played a very important role over the centuries. A previous article on security seals looked at the evolution of security seals from the early times of kings and pharaohs. Indicative seals are part of that evolution and are simply security seals that provide more detail.

Some common examples of indicative seals are wristbands for event attendees and hospital patients but we will focus on indicative seals for security applications. Indicative or tamper-evident seals as they are otherwise known, are devices that cannot be removed and reused without evidence of tampering and provide information such as event, dates, codes and company names, etc. Tamper-evident security seals provide more detail in the form of laser marking of sequential numbers, barcodes and QR-code thus providing higher security level. Unique laser markings, with the added security of logos, sequential numbers, barcodes and QR-code make it extremely difficult to counterfeit the indicative seal.

These added measures address the issue that these seals can be bypassed by strong hand or simple tools but act as a powerful deterrent against theft. While security seals can be made to work effectively in tamper detection, with appropriate application, a strong and well-enforced program for control and inspection, plus use of well-considered and adaptable countermeasures, indicative seals provide an additional level of security.

Customisation of these seals not only provides marketing for your enterprise during transportation and storage. Branding, variety of colours, technical differences and more can make it more difficult to defeat the seal without early detection and supports a strong and well-enforced program for control and inspection.
Just as encryption has evolved in IT as a result of the skills of hackers, security seals have also evolved as a result of creative criminal elements. It is a cat and mouse game that will continue. As industries take additional steps to protect themselves, criminals devise ways around those protection measures.

Indicative seals, like security seals, come in various forms, and TruSeal offers a range of tamper-evident products. For example, our TM pull-tight Seals come in a range of colours,have sequential numbers and have a medium break force. Our LR range on the other hand has a strong break force with a steel insert.

Security seals and indicative seals in particular, provide the shipper and the receiver with an additional sense of security that the item has not been tampered with. Check out the TruSeal website to find a seal that supports your company’s security needs or give us a call and one of our trained consults can advise you on the best product for you.