Approved Security Seals should only be ordered through the approved & appointed supplier.

Security Seals should be stored in a safe and secure area with access only to authorized Security Officers & Staff trained to use Security Seals correctly.

3. Accountability
Correct usage & recording into the Security Seal control system must be adhered to at all times by authorized Security Officers & Staff trained to do so. Authorized Security Officers & Staff approved to apply and remove Security Seals should be trained and made aware of a known good seal sample to be able to correctly identify evidence of tampering.

4 Application
All Security Seals must be applied correctly and all pull-tight type Security Seals, cable or plastic must be pulled up as tight as possible on application.
Verify the seal details & record correctly into the Security Seal control system.

5 Check, Inspect & Record before removal
Check paperwork to make sure the serial number and Security Seal details match.
Carefully inspect the seal and serial number for signs of tampering, inspect closely for cut, file, scratch and grip marks, color changes or any irregularities compared to a sample of a known good seal, any evidence of tampering must be recorded, reported and investigated before removal.

6. Inspection & Removal
Only authorized Security Officers & Staff trained for inspecting and removing Security Seals should be in possession of cutting tools used for the removal of Security Seals. Used Security Seals must be kept for evidence & further inspection.

7. Use in conjunction
These guidelines are to be used in conjunction with existing site-specific security programs & procedures approved and used by each organization.