TruSeal is the leading producer of security sealing products in Southern Africa. While we are mainly sought after for our large variety of seals, we also produce a range of locking security bags, ideal for transporting valuables like cash and documents. The TruSeal Security Bag range is comprised of five different products to suit the needs of our customers. Here we will go into more detail.

1)TruSeal’s Safe Custody Bags with numbered Seals: These bags are suitable for safe storage of keys and cash and come in a 4 different colours – making quick identification depending on what is contained.Bags from this range can be purchased in two different sizes, small and medium. The locking security bag, has the parented “TruPack” locking chamber which is secured with our numbered seals. These seals are laser inscribed with unique serial numbers to make the bags easier to track and harder to steal. The seal snaps into the TruPack locking chamber.

2)The TruSeal locking security bag range with barcode seals is very similar to the numbered seals range, also manufactured in three different sizes. Used for cash, keys and documents and even till tray bags, these hardy containers are made from tough reinforced PVC nylon, expertly stitched for maximum durability. The TruPack locking chamber however, is secured shut with barcoded seals. Made from plastic and sold in bulk, these seals ensure an audit trail that will deter anyone wise enough to stay clear.

3)TruSeal safe custody bags are also made to be used with padlock seals, colour coded and produced in a few different sizes. These padlock seals are used in a variety of applications other than for locking security bags such as mining and cargo because of the scored galvanised steel wire, 1,2mm thick and the ABS plastic jacket. This is a great deterrent against theft as it provides tamper evidence and a medium strength break force which can only be breach by strong hand or by cutting. The plastic coat has a printable area, with prefixed and 7 digit serial numbers marked as standard. However, logos, lettering or barcode can be laser branded too. Sold in bulk, coming a very wide range of colours, including custom hues, padlock seals can be made to order.

4) TruPack CIT Bulk Cash Security Bags are used for storage and transportation of large amounts of highly valuable goods. These heavy duty PVC nylon locking security bags are reusable, making them kind on the environment. They come in multiple colours and can be branded to any company’s specification. The unique security pen and washer sealing system provides a formidable defence against tampering and theft.

5)Our tamper-evident bags has a specialised closing area. The device locking mechanism is made up of a liner, membrane and glue and provides precise closure, making this the go-to bag for industries where audited storage and transportation is necessary, including forensics and mining. The design is made as such that any forces, whether its heat, intense cold, or attempts to breach with solvents will quickly reveal evidence of manipulation. It also has a perforated line on the upper and lower sections to provide extra security. The clear Polyethylene body can be custom printed and marked with barcodes and serial numbers, of which the alpha prefix can be chosen by the customer.

It is important to know that TruSeal offers our customers the opportunity to custom-design their own locking security bags based on many of the above designs. If you have any unique requirements, chat to one of our sales persons. We endeavor to provide exceptional service and quality security seals and bags to the discerning customer. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you.