Our wide range of Metal Security Seals

Our Metal Security Seals are use for many applications such as cash-in-transit, cash boxes, sea & air freight containers, pre-paid electricity meters, casino gaming tables and laboratories.

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TruSeal Metal Strap Seals

TruSeal Metal Strap Seals are fixed-length seals constructed of tin-plate steel. The TruSeal ACME T Metal Strap Seal’s unique double locking action and the inspection holes built into the lockbox make it easy for security personnel and the customer using the seal to view the tips of the “T” mechanism within the lockbox, which shows whether the seal has been properly locked and whether it has previously been tampered with.

The ACME Seal also comes in an encapsulated option called the ACME Encapsulated T Metal Strap Seal. This seal’s extra feature is the polypropylene cover encapsulating the metal lockbox, a feature that does not impede the seal functionality or effectiveness whatsoever, but merely provides for barcoding, colour-coding, and other individual security marking. These covers can be custom laser marked with company logos or the customer’s name. They come in a range of colours and are laser marked with sequential numbering for added security.

The TruSeal Guard Lock® Metal Strap Seal is a serially-numbered metal seal featuring a hook-lock mechanism that easily locks into place with one motion. It is economic, secure, and easy to use. The TruSeal Guard Lock® Metal Strap Seal and the TruSeal Metal Strap Seals are typically used in the transport industry, on trucks, cash boxes, and freight containers or for cash-in-transit because they are rugged, easy to use, and secure.