Money Security Bags

Imagine someone tossing a large bag of coins. It hits the ground, the bag splits open sending coins flying in every direction – across the floor, under the van, in the gutter. That’s not ever going to happen with TruSeal money security bags; our bags are made to last. We are trusted by some of South Africa’s biggest banks: Nedbank, Standard Bank, and FNB.

Whether you are transporting money or other valuables, we have the best solutions on the market for you; our bags are made to handle even the roughest conditions that may normally occur when transporting money.

We manufacture to the highest standards –mostly making use of heavy-duty PVC nylon. We have several options to choose from, each made to work for you and your business:

TruPack 004 Security Bags

Manufactured from tough PVC nylon material, these reusable bags come fitted with our security locking chamber, best used with TruSeal 004 security seals, these bags are a great way to transport valuables.

TruPack 008 Security Bags

Also manufactured from durable PVC nylon material, these bags can be used with either the 004 or 008 (barcoded) security seals, allowing for greater flexibility when choosing a locking seal. If you want to go with a barcoded security seal, these money security bags are the way to go.

TruPack Padlock Security Bags

These re-usable money security bags are once again manufactured from PVC nylon material. The most flexible in terms of locking mechanisms, TruPack Padlock Security Bags come fitted with our patented security padlock chamber for use with a variety of pull-tight security seals and even padlocks. Ideal for till trays, valuables, and money.

TruPack CIT Bulk Cash Security Bags

Need something bigger and even tougher? Need something that can handle even the roughest handling when filled to the brim with coins? Specially designed for bulk transport of cash and coins, made from heavy-duty PVC nylon and secured with a steel washer and pin, TruPack CIT Bulk Cash Security Bags are the go-to for large volumes and absolute toughness.

We also offer transparent Plastic Drop Safe Bags. These bags can be serially numbered and barcoded and are ideal should you require a transparent exterior in order to keep an eye on the contents.

We’ve covered a range of products that can be used as money security bags, till trays, and more. All of our products are made to the highest standards with sealing and locking options to fulfil every requirement. Our money security bags are trusted by South Africa’s largest banks.

Not sure what to choose? Get in touch with us and our expert staff will assist you in choosing the option that best suits your requirements and budget.