TruSeal offers a wide range of numbered plastic security seals. Plastic security seals are used in a plathora of different applications, including utility meters, first aid boxes, ballot boxes, road tankers, chemical transportation, cash bags and cash boxes to name but a few.
They are serially numbered which gives the user the ability to track the movement of cargo and trace it back to employees, creating an audit trail. These numbers can be printed using a variety of methods, with the most popular being laser marking. Numbered Plastic security seals have various characteristics that produces unique seals, these include seal type, colour, prefix and the serial number.

There are three main types of numbered plastic security seals: Variable-Length Plastic Security Seals (Pull-Tight Seals); Fixed-Length Plastic Security Seals(Bull Tip Seals); Special-Purpose Plastic Security Seals (Valve Seals).
Pull Tight Seals are manufactured in varying lengths. Once strapped around something, it is then adjusted tightly around. Our TM, TH, TL and LR Plastic- Indicative Seals range are all examples of pull tight seals. These seals are laser printed with serial numbers to discourage theft. Made from flexible biodegradeable polypropylene material, some contain a steel insert as well and are designed to be tamper-evident. An internal locking mechanism ensures the strap cannot be retracted and secures it into place. TruSeal ‘s “Ultimate Seal” is ISO 17712 compliant. It has been manufactured to determine a seal’s classification for physical strength to make sure that it passes strict requirements for evidence of tampering. The Ultimate Seal has a spring locking insert and two millimetre strap diameter for small aperture applications.

The Bulltip Seal is a fixed-length seal manufactured with a flexible polypropylene body. The acetyl insert is hardy and will withstand extreme temperature conditions. The insert is secured to the body using rolled heat-staking technology which provides clear evidence of tampering if forced open.

The Bulldog seal has the same technical characteristics. Though this seal has an indicator at the locking end which protrudes through a hole in the underside of the locking head showing that it has been correctly applied.
Our third numbered plastic security seal is our Special-Purpose Plastic Security Seals. These plastic security seals are variable-length designed for use on valves. Polypropylene material allows for flexibility and easily application, no tools are need to remove it.

No security seal is tamper-evident. It is important that a number of extra added security measures should be implemented in order to increase the likelihood of goods being delivered intact. Numbered plastic security seals only reveal whether the product has been tampered with and it is used to deter criminals.

Speak to one of our trained consultants and they will advise you on which seal to use and also of any other suggestions and protocols that can be practiced to protect your products.