Numbered security seals are the best way of keeping track of your goods in transit and a great means of preventing and identifying theft.

Loss and theft are risks inherent to any business that transports goods over a long distance. When you get down to it, the biggest issues can be broken down into the following:

Undetected theft

Not being aware that theft has occurred until the goods have reached the end of the line. The sinking feeling when you realize that you are unable to deliver on your order, that you have lost money, most of all, that your business’s reputation has been damaged. You have to start making excuses. A loss of trust is one of the most dangerous long-term issues that your business can encounter. The losses over time may eventually equate to a far greater sum than the initial cost of the stolen goods.

 Location of theft

If goods were stolen once, chances are that it will happen again. Not being able to determine location makes it much more difficult to catch the thieves. Having a poorly optimized (or no) system in place places your business at risk.

The solution is relatively simple – numbered security seals. Each security seal bears a unique code. This means that they cannot simply be replaced as the replacement has a different unique code to the one logged in at the previous checkpoint. Combine this with security checks where seals are logged and you have the means to keep tabs on your goods in transit.

Numbered security seals add an extra layer of security by acting as a deterrent to theft. If staff are aware that each seal is unique and that they will be logged each step of the way, the temptation for theft will dramatically decrease.

TruSeal offers a wide range of numbered security seals for almost every application imaginable.

Our STS004 Numbered Seals for Security Bags offer a complete patented tamper-evident security solution.

Our STS 008 Numbered Seals for Security Bags offer a large print area that can accommodate barcoding 6 & 7 digit 128 & up to 14 digit 2 of 5 interleaved.

STS031 Security Seals, made for use in sealing gaming tables and electricity meters are made from polycarbonate with an ultrasonically welded cap. They are also high-security approved seals.

The 203 Bolt Seal bears a high-security rating, features a high strength steel pin and lock bush with laser marked numbering.

With a vast array of high-security options, we can assure you that we have numbered security seals available to suit your requirements. Get in touch with us so that we can assist you in finding the perfect solution for your business.