TruSeal has recently refurbished our website in order to streamline browsing, get quotes, decide on an order or just to become a fey with our online security seals. The changes made to our website were implemented to simplify it without losing any of the information that will assist our customers when making a decision to buy. We understand that in this day and age consumers are inundated with choices, and there is also an ever-increasing need to save time and money. TruSeal has endeavored to make any interaction with us painless and easy.

When you first access our website, our home page takes you straight to our basic and most popular security seals and associated goods. Images with the name of the seal are visible for quick reference and with a click of the mouse on the seal type of your choice, you are transported to the our quotes page, where the specific seals from that range becomes visible. The products name, specification, it’s application, and a short description helps speed up the browsing process and acts as a guide. By simply clicking on the “add to quote” button, your selection is effortlessly directed to a quotation form, where you can then fill in your contact details, so that we are able to help you to get your online security seal prices. Remember, we also supply samples at your request.

You can also explore out extensive range by hovering over ‘Products’ in the menu in the top right corner of the page, which reveals a drop down menu of our online security seal inventory. Make your selection and it will take you once again to the quotes page, where we can assist you with a quote. We have also added an ‘Applications’ inventory that will quickly take you to all the seals associated with your chosen application so that you can peruse through them and come to a speedy but informed decision. Our standard terms & conditions and privacy policy can be found in our footer at the bottom of the page if needed.

Our website is still very much under construction. We hope to bring out video guides at some point in the near future which will be added to our News and Articles section. We have posted quite a few documents on a number of security seals topics over the years, which can be accessed via keywords that you would type in using the magnifying glass icon. This may assist you with additional information about the bolt or seal you wish to buy. You may have notice that we do not have a shop page just yet but fill in your details on our contact page and one of our sales staff will contact you and attend to your online security seal requirements as soon as possible. The ‘Contact’ page has all our business contact details. No need to use any external devices, you can easily call, email or get directions on google maps just by clicking on an icon, number or address and you will immediately be patched through via the website. We have expert staff waiting to receive your call.