TruSeal paper security seals provide evidence of tampering and discourage theft and they can be used for product authentication and counterfeit protection. Each label is either sequentially numbered or barcoded, which means each label is unique. If someone should try to open or remove the seal, or even replace the damaged label, tampering will still be easy to spot as the sequential number or barcode will be different.

A large number of industries depend on paper security seals. Many packages and products are marked with barcoded labels to confirm their authenticity and to prohibit counterfeiting of the product. Some products and packages are sealed with paper security seals that show evidence of tampering. These are not only useful for security reasons, but can protect consumers from health hazards or tampering intended to injure the end-user.

Tamper-evident paper security seals are vital in the medicinal and food industries and are usually stuck onto the packaging of a product to prevent tampering and protect the end-user of the product from possible contamination – ensuring that the product is safe, sterilised, and has not been interfered with. Security seals are also placed on a large variety of computer-related products like DVDs to discourage theft. TruSeal paper security seals can also be used to seal products like cell phones, offering the company a simple means to guarantee that only their own trained technicians examine and/or repair their products.

TruSeal paper security seals: Void Labels

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TruSeal also offers the TruSeal Void Label, a label made of polyester face material with high-tack adhesive with a hidden concealed message that reads “VOID OPEN.” This message cannot be prevented from showing when a seal has been opened, and it is virtually non-transferable to the applied surface. These labels can also be sequentially numbered.

TruSeal Barcoded Labels

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TruSeal also offers the barcoded self-adhesive paper security seals Available in 90x25mm.