TruSeal plastic padlock seals offer numerous benefits over traditional padlocks.

The Traditional Padlock

The traditional padlock has been the go-to for a very long time. Why? Padlocks are easy to use, generally reliable, and, depending on the quality, can be pretty tough. That being said, there are a number of major issues with the standard padlock that many business owners interested in maximising the protection of their goods may initially overlook.


Let’s look at this scenario: You need to secure tens of thousands of Rands worth of goods in transit and decide that a decent padlock seal is the way to go. You send the goods off and go to sleep happy that your padlock is going to do a good job in keeping thieves at bay. Problem is, when your goods arrive at the destination, the padlock is still intact but half of the goods have gone missing. This isn’t a great situation. Despite having numerous checkpoints along the way where the barcoded container was scanned, you have no sure-fire means of detecting where the theft occurred. The staff is adamant that the container was never opened and you have no way of saying otherwise.

It’s not just a matter of the strength of the padlock – traditional padlocks can very easily be opened by lockpicking. As a matter of fact, lockpicking sets are now easily and cheaply available online. Some lockpicking guns don’t even require any skill to operate and can open a lock in a mere couple of seconds.
That is if the thieves didn’t simply saw the lock off and replace it with a new one.

Today, a strong lock isn’t an effective lock. Sure, a lock should be expected to withstand the bumps and general roughness characteristic of a long trip, but any lock can be opened.

The Solution

The solution is to be found in deterring attempts at theft in the first place and having the ability to catch the culprits when it does happen. TruSeal manufactures cutting-edge plastic padlock security seals that can easily withstand the rigors of transport, with laser-etched numbering so that each plastic padlock seal can easily be traced. Each number is unique. As your goods proceed from one checkpoint to the next, the seal’s unique code can be entered into a database which in turn allows you to track progress. The seal cannot be broken or replaced in any manner without signs of intrusion being obvious. You’ll also be able to determine where the seal was last intact, thereby assisting in pinpointing the location of tampering.

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