Our wide range of Plastic Security Seals

Our Plastic Security Seals are used for many applications such as trucks, ballot boxes, road tankers, petrochemical transportation, bags, drums, trucks, bulk cash bags, sea freight containers, airlines, banks, bins, doors, water meters, casinos, retail, doors, fire hose reels and emergency escapes.

More info about TruSeal Plastic Security Seals

Different industries and applications require different kinds of security seals. This is why TruSeal offers a range of versatile products that can be used in many applications, as well as custom-designed security seals for specific purposes that are tailored to a specific client’s needs. Read more about our plastic indicative seals here.

Variable-Length Plastic Security Seals – Pull-Tight Seals

Pull-tight plastic security seals are similar to cable ties, except that they offer security on a higher level and the ability to implement an audit trail thanks to the sequential numbering and/or barcoding. They are versatile and can be used in many applications, limited only by the maximum length of the seal. An internal locking mechanism ensures the strap cannot be retracted and locks it into place.

TruSeal also offers plastic security seals which are ISO 17712 compliant. This means seals are made to a specific standard and also that physical testing has been performed to determine a seal’s classification for physical strength and to determine that it passes strict requirements for evidence of tampering.

One example from our range of pull-tight security seals is the “Ultimate Seal” which is a plastic pull-tight seal with a spring locking insert and two millimetre strap diameter for small aperture applications that include petro-chemical transport, trucks and utility meters.

Some plastic security seals like the Combilock Seal offer an audible click reassuring you that the seal is locked tight. It’s fitted with a tearaway feature so it’s easy to remove from postal mail bags, bulk cash bags, containers, and warehouse doors.

Fixed-Length Plastic Security Seals – Bulltip Seals

The Bulltip Seal is a fixed-length seal manufactured from two dissimilar materials. The acetyl insert is durable and will withstand freezing and boiling conditions, whilst the polypropylene body is flexible for easy use.

The design includes rolled heat-staking technology to secure the insert to the body, which provides clear evidence of tampering if forced open or cut and a break-off point for easy removal.

Whilst having the same technical characteristics as the Bulldog seal, this seal has an indicator at the locking end which protrudes through a hole in the underside of the locking head signifying it has been correctly locked.

Special-Purpose Plastic Security Seals – Valve Seals

Our Valve Seals are special purpose variable-length seals designed for use on Oil and LPG gas cylinders or valves. Manufactured in polypropylene material, the seals are very flexible and can be applied easily by hand. The design includes a simple tear-off tag for removal without tools.

TruSeal also prides itself on designing and manufacturing custom security seals for specific uses. These products are attuned to each client’s specific needs.