If you are reading this article then we can safely assume that you require protection from theft and tampering for your valuable products and cargo. So how do you go about finding the correct seal or security bag for your company? Who can you trust to provide quality, flexibility and dependable customer service that won’t break your bank account? Read on to find out more on why it is prudent to choose TruSeal to provide the best security solutions to for your enterprise.

We currently live in an environment where scams, theft and vandalism is rampant. Many Individuals and businesses have sustained massive losses as a result of unscrupulous criminals who on the constant look-out for easy targets. Consequently, the security industry has flourished. Security seals and bags offer some protection from theft. But not all seals and bags are made equal. It’s important to buy quality goods to offer maximum protection. TruSeal is the industry leader in this field and big name brands across South Africa trust TruSeal to provide peace of mind.

Here a few points to consider when deciding on which Seal or bag to use.

Quality: TruSeal offers a wide range of seals with different break forces. Whether you need a EM seal for your electric meters or a powerful bolt lock from your container, it is important to decide on the correct level of security for your product. Tamper-evident and indicative seals act as a powerful deterrent against theft but can be breached. TruSeal uses only the best materials for our devices. Many of these seals are made from polypropylene, some have a steel insert too. Our materials are biodegradable and eco-friendly too. Our high security seals are constructed to adhere to strict international standards. Our barrier seals are ISO17712 compliant and are so formidable that specialised tools are needed to breach them. When this coupled with good record keeping, tracking and background checks on staff our seals and bags will keep your items safe.

Bespoke solutions:
TruSeal understand the importance of branding, so we offer that service to you.

We are able to laser engrave barcodes, sequential numbers and logos into each item. Not only does this help market and distinguish your brand during transit and storage, but it also discourages tampering, making the seal harder to replace without early detection and offers effective protection from theft.

Customer Service: We understand how important your time is. TruSeal has fast turn around times and we endeavour to remain stocked up at all times. We use tried and trusted couriers to ensure that your order arrives in a timely fashion. We have trained our staff to assist you to decide on the best locking device for your application and can provide information to suit your needs.

Join our customer base of well-known brands, including major retail stores, cash-in-transit companies and banks, who trust TruSeal to provide protection against theft, sabotage and tampering. Please contact us via our website or by phone and talk to one of our friendly consultants and benefit from the highest quality security seals and bags, tailor-made products and efficient customer service.