Pull tight security seals are fully adjustable seals that can be used in an almost endless list of applications. Anything that needs sealing or locking where other seals, such as barrier and bolt seals, are not suitable, can be fitted with a pull tight security seal. The adjustable length, coupled with the sheer variety of seals available means that there is something to suit any budget.

Pull tight seals are far beyond cable ties in terms of the security, durability and additional functionality that they offer. Some, such as the THL seal tear away provide clear and immediate evidence of tampering and features rolled heat staking technology to secure the metal spring insert to the body. The seal itself is manufactured with gripping spikes and label holder, with an optional tear-off tag. As with most pull tight seals, the seal can be laser branded with a barcode and customized serial number.

The THL seal features many of the same attributes, but not the tear-off tag.

More cost-effective solutions are the Ultra Lite and Ultra seals, with the Ultra Lite featuring a 2.5mm strap width for small aperture applications.

At the other end, for applications such as fuel tankers, interlink trucks, and bulk feed tankers, we have the LR – Long Ribbon Security Seals. They feature excellent breaking strength, a length of 400mm (effective 390mm) and a ribbon width less than 4mm.

All of the seals we’ve taken a look at so far are manufactured from Polypropylene material. TruSeal also has metal seals on offer. We’ll take a look at those at another time.

Endless Applications

Due to the versatility of pull tight seals, you’ll find them in use everywhere. Warehouses, aircraft, vehicles, electrical boxes, and so much more. They are quick and easy to apply and come in at a relatively low cost, especially when considering the ultimate costs associated with theft and product loss or damage.

The benefits extend even into tracking and tracing. Barcoded or serially numbered seals provide additional means of tracing the progress of goods in transit and can isolate areas where theft and unauthorized access have taken place. It should be noted though, that a robust security system with through checks should always be implemented in order to take full benefit of these tracking and tracing advantages.

Most of our seals can also be customised to your fit within your branding identity, thereby presenting a more professional and impressive image to the public.

Finally, making use of seals of a high quality can also dissuade potential theft or unauthorised access. The mere fact that seals are tracked and traced, branded, and are just plain tough, creates a sense of presence that unbranded, low quality products simply don’t.

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