Billions  of Rands are lost annually through ‘illegal’ connections and tampering of utility meters in South Africa, and billions more to the loss of revenue and added business expense caused by loadshedding. Yet, here in South Africa, electricity theft is unfortunately not a statutory crime. The common law legislation around electricity theft is extremely ambiguous, and Eskom is not legally empowered to prosecute and so thieves are rarely taken to task. This makes use of quality padlock seals, EM twist tight seals or lead and wire seals to secure your meter so much more necessary!

EM twist tight seals are ideal to use on any utility meter. Manufactured with a polycarbonate, ultrasonically welded cap and a 30cm plastic coated wire, these seals are also serial numbered for added security. The use of lead and wire seals is an extremely cost effective but just as efficient way to seal your water or electricity meter. These seals are easily clamped into place and removed using Knippex cutters.

TruSeal’s padlock seals are also called tamper evident PL Seals and are made with corrosion resistant galvanised steel wire hasp and hard ABS plastic. It can withstand extended exposure to outdoor elements.

Our quality padlock seals are tamper-evident in a variety of ways.

Any manipulation or dissection of the wire hasp is easily detectable. The plastic body is virtually transparent making the integrity of the seal apparent. The padlock seal body comes in Matt Red, Neon Orange, Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Neon Blue, White but TruSeal also offers a bespoke manufacturing service and the seals can be ordered in Dark Green, Dark Blue, Violet, Pink, Brown, Black if preferred. If the colour has been noted during the application process and the seal has been replaced, then tampering is evident. Each device is also laser marked. Standard print options include prefixed & 7 digit serial number markings however these can be made-to-order with lasering of up to 15 letters, or a laser logo or a laser logo/text up to 15 letters + barcode. Thus, making the covert replacement of the seal all that more difficult to conceal.

Padlock seals are also effective for other applications too, including for use on trucks, planes, in mines and laboratories, on freight and cargo, cabinets, catering carts, and drums.

It is important to note that it takes a medium break force to breach the padlock, the galvanised steel wire is 1,2mm thick and can be removed with a simple tool or even by hand, this is not a “tamper-proof” seal and this should be taken into account when deciding on what locks to choose.

Along with our quality padlock seals, TruSeal offers a comprehensive range of security seals and bags to suit any application and can be contacted for advice when needed. Used in conjunction with other security protocols, such as security cameras, data logging, and frequent inspections our solutions will effectively protect your product.