South Africa has seen an increase in truck hijackings and cargo theft across the country. Fleet vehicles especially, are frequently targeted because of their valuable assets. Criminals have become more sophisticated in their tactics to gain access to the commodities being transported and fleet operators have to take extra precautions to protect their trucks and the content. There are various strategies used to mitigate the risk of expropriation of valuable goods, these include thoroughly screening the drivers, employing tracking companies and using the correct ISO certified Seals for Security Trailers.

High Security Seals

TruSeal stocks a range of High Security Seals. The term “High Security” is applied when a seal meets stringent criteria. In order to pass the inspection process a High Security Seal needs to meet with world customs and ISO security standards. Seals for Security Trailers need to be manufactured with tamper evident materials that require the use of special equipment to breach. TruSeal offers a variety of Bolt and Cable Seals from which to choose.

Bolt Seals

Shipping companies often use Bolt Seals to secure their containers and these add an extra layer of security when used on trailers. Bolt Seals are tamper-evident and any attempts to access the compartment will be obvious. The Bolt Seal’s locking bush and steel pin is laser marked with sequential numbers to rule out part swapping. Careful auditing along the route will help to deter would be criminals. We are also able to brand the seals for security trailers with your logo and details to make it easily identifiable.

Cable Seals

Our Cable Seals are manufactured from NPC stainless steel, a zinc extrusion and are covered in ABS plastic. Each High Security Seal Cable is individually stamped and have a barcode with up to 7-digit serial numbers. The Cable Seals are tamper-evident and any attempts to infiltrate the trailer or manipulate the device will be quickly identifiable. Our Cable Seals are forged to international standards.
TruSeal offers superior quality security solutions. Our innovative designs, internationally certified high security ratings and personalised customer service, positions us as leaders in the field of security seals. We are proud of our products and superior customer service and support and that is why TruSeal is trusted by over 6000 companies, including Spar, Fidelity and Nedbank to provide peace of mind in troubled times.