Today more than ever companies are aware of the environmental impact of their operations. Ensuring the sustainability of our planet’s natural resources has become important from a consumer perception and marketing point of view, but there are also tax incentives for measurable savings in energy consumption by companies.

What are Truseal Security Bags made of?

TruSeal Security Bags are made of Polyvinyl Chloride coated Nylon, more commonly known as PVC. Plastics are often perceived as throwaway or single-use materials. However, in reality plastics, especially PVC, are durable materials that do not rust or corrode. This plastic is resistant to oil, chemicals, sunlight, and weathering. It is strong and long lasting. This makes it the ideal material for use in reusable bags such as TruSeal’s Security Bags. PVC is a material well-suited to recycling and in most cases is 100% recyclable. The magnitude of CO2 emission for the material we use throughout its life cycle is an important factor when considering the global warming issue. PVC is proven as a material with minimal environmental load in terms of CO2 emissions from manufacturing and recycling, when compared with other plastics or even metal or glass products of the same application.

Why Choose Reusable Security Bags

A security bag that can be manufactured once and used repeatedly over a period of years before being recycled is not only more economical from a capital expenditure point of view but will also be kinder to the environment than a single use product. TruSeal Security Bags are durable and long lasting and remain tamper-evident throughout their life cycle. Our Security Bags are available with a padlock chamber or with a chamber accommodating a small single use barcoded or numbered plastic seal, so that the material that must be recycled after each use is kept to a minimum.

Reusable Security Bags and Your Company’s Sustainability Score

Although your choice of Security Bags and Seals may only have a very small impact of your overall sustainability score on the GRI G4 core indicators, or your quantifiable energy saved expressed as kwh (kilowatt hours). Every purchasing and operational decision counts and adds up to form part of your company’s holistic strategy to become more sustainable and energy conscious. Reusable security bags are an effective countermeasure against theft and tampering that is as sustainable as possible if used and disposed of correctly. TruSeal is committed to constantly innovating and using the latest available technology to provide reliable quality products that are cost-effective and sustainable.