Transporting money, whether bank, casino, or even if you are simply a store owner is one of those critical moments where things could go wrong. Heists and other such scenarios are the ever-present threats of theft and damage. Security bags get lost, bags break, money goes missing. Depending on what kind of business you have, the repercussions could extend a great deal beyond the immediate financial loss, and spill over into loss of trust. This in turn could lead to an almost incalculable further financial loss down the line. Security bags for money are the first line of defence. Being far more than mere bags, technology employed in assisting in the prevention of these problems allows for security bags to be tracked, provides them with extra strength, and makes them very difficult for unauthorized individuals to access.

Let’s take a brief look at the two major problems:

Theft and loss

This can happen in numerous ways. Cash bags can go missing, intentionally and unintentionally. Either way, it’s a loss to the business. Furthermore, bags that do not provide adequate security in terms of locking mechanisms can easily be opened. It’s far more difficult to detect when some money has gone missing than when a whole bag leaves transit.


Bags aren’t always handled gently. Security bags for money often have a long way to go, pass through many hands and get thrown around quite a bit in the process. If the bags are of inferior quality they break, possibly spilling their contents all over and probably resulting in a loss for the business. Not only are the contents of concern, but when bags have been purchased with the intention of being reused, wear and tear means a high turnover of product. Constantly replacing security bags of inferior quality will prove to be costly in the long term.

Our Solution

We make security bags of the highest quality. That’s what we do every day and it’s what got TruSeal to where it is today. We have long been recognized as one of South Africa’s most trusted security bag and seal manufacturers. We put it down to constant innovation, exceptionally high standards, and the relentless pursuit of being the best at what we do.

Our Products

Now that you know a little about us, take a look at some of what we make. We want to get to know our client’s businesses and work towards creating the perfect solution for them – one that suits both requirements and needs.

TruPack™ CIT Bulk Cash Security Bags are tough. Made for transportation of large volumes of coins and notes, these bags are made from heavy-duty PVC nylon andare fastened with a steel pin and washer.

TruPack™ 008 and 004 Security Bags are made from durable PVC nylon and are fitted with the TruSeal security locking chamber.

Plastic Drop Safe Security Bags are serially numbered and barcoded for easy tracking and tracing.

Plastic Stop-Loss Security Bags are equipped with a reliable security seal which displays signs of tampering if attacked by heating or freezing, solvents, moisture or mechanically.

This is a small selection of our products. Please get in touch with us if you would like more information on security bags for money or any other products.