Security Bags Overview

Security Bags

TruSeal is the biggest manufacturer of security bags in South Africa, and continues to evolve to serve the needs of our ever growing customer base.

High-quality security bags, used in conjunction with security seals, are an essential consideration for any business that transports large sums of money or valuables. Our innovative range of products offers a solution for all businesses in need of an additional layer of security when implementing security measures to deter against potential tampering and theft.

TruPack™ Security Bags

TruPack™ PVC nylon reusable security bags offer protection in a broad range of applications, from casinos to banks, from document protection to cash in transit and restaurants. In fact, any situation which requires documents or valuables to be secured can benefit from the extra layer of protection that TruSeal bags offer. Our uniquely designed PVC nylon bags are reusable and offer consistent protection throughout their lifespan. They are highly durable – nearly impervious to general wear and tear – and cannot easily be accessed with force.

TruPack™ Padlock

Our TruPack™ Padlock Bag range offers a patented security padlock chamber which can be used with a variety of plastic security seals to further enhance protection.

TruPack™ Bulk Cash Bags

Made specifically for the transportation of large volumes of notes and coins, our TruSeal CIT Bulk Cash Bags are tough, resilient and eco-friendly, and are sealed with a unique to TruSeal pin and washer locking system. They are re-usable and therefore benefit you by lowering recurring costs for new bags as well as reducing environmental waste.

Plastic Drop Safe & Stop-Loss Bags

The inclusion of an extra layer of security in the form of plastic tamper-evident Stop-Loss Security Bags can help to drastically reduce risk to your business by acting as a deterrent to tampering and theft. These bags make use of a reliable, special security seal which shows evidence of tampering if attacked by heating or freezing, solvents, moisture or by any mechanical means. We also supply serially numbered and barcoded Plastic Drop Safe bags for cash transport.


Our products can be customised to suit your needs and can be branded with your company’s logo.

TruSeal has established a proven track record in the South African market by manufacturing security bags of exceptional quality. The durability and reliability of our products remains unmatched. We can be trusted for fast turnaround times, exceptional service, and great prices