TruSeal is known as South Africa’s premiere security bank bag manufacturer. It’s an important part of our business – cash needs to be collected and moved from one location to another. We know that there are plenty of manufacturers out there, so what sets us apart?


We offer a range of products that few others can’t touch. It’s not just that we offer something for almost every situation, we manufacture each and every single one of our products to the highest possible, globally recognized standards. Our range moves beyond the simple transparent bank bags to include technologically advanced solutions made from the toughest materials.

TruPack™ CIT Bulk Cash Security Bags are made from heavy duty materials that can take the usual rough handling that occurs during transit with ease. These security bank bags are made to last, are reusable, and quickly secured with a pin and washer to ensure that the contents remain safe.

Plastic Drop Safe Security Bags are transparent, allowing for a clear view to the contents. Taking it a step further, these bags are serially barcoded and numbered. This extra measure allows for each bag to be accounted for. With a well-enforced security process set in place, theft becomes much more difficult and catching thieves becomes far easier. Barcodes scanned at check in sites allows for easy monitoring as the bags move from one location to another.

TE Bags™ are the perfect choice for cash in transit, forensic materials, precious materials, and documents. They immediately and reliably display if entry has been gained to the bag. You’re not just covered against someone with a pair of scissors. These bags display tamper entry and attempted tamper entry by solvents, cold, heat, general physical manipulation and liquids. They can be customized to suit client specifications and include a unique barcode or serial number.


TruSeal is South Africa’s choice for bank security bags for a reason. We are constantly innovating and only move forward with products when can stand behind the quality. Our manufacturing quality and quality control processes are a top priority. We understand that it is of the utmost importance to deliver a product that you can trust – no compromises. With this in mind, we have gone on to create one of South Africa’s most trusted security seal and bag businesses.

Customer Service

We work alongside our customers from before the initial purchase until long after our products are put to use. We get to know our client’s businesses and together find the best solution for them; something that suits both their requirements and budget.

Get in touch with us via our contact page and a member of our highly trained staff will assist you in choosing the best solution for your business.