TruSeal has a range of security cable seals, in a variety of colours to provide protective measures for your cargo and freight. The TruSeal Cable Seals range is considered “high security” and is ISO certified. Our range of cables seals are constructed of NPC stainless steel, and it has an extrusion made of zinc, and then coated with ABS plastic. Consisting of a steel cable fixed at one end that slips into the locking mechanism of the seal body, each cable seal is designed to show evidence of tampering, thereby discourage opportunistic stealing.

We have a few types of security cable seals, all of which are serial numbered and have a printable area for the barcode. These formidable barrier seals are all pull tight seals and adjustable.
The STS045 Cable Seal which is a high security sealing solution has a resistance force of around 100kg, making it ideal for use for cash-in-transit, and sea & air freight containers. The STS045 Cable Seal  has a large print area for barcodes up to 14-digit 2 of 5. Cable seals act both as a deterrent and as an obstacle for thieves, and in doing so, fortify your cargo.

The 029 Cable Seal is a certified high-security seal made from zinc extrusion covered in ABS plastic and NPC stainless cable that can be branded with a 6 and 7 digit 128 barcode, whereas the printable area for the 029 security cable seal is somewhat smaller and can be branded with a 6 and 7 digit 128 barcode.

The 60cm Cable Seal has a work length of 590mm and a thickness of 1.8mm. It can withstand forces of around 100kg making it a favourite for use on in logistics, refineries and cargo applications. All of these security cable seals require Knippex cutters to breach.

You may also want to consider our TruSeal Cable Seals is the STS031 Twist-tight Seal. This security solution has an ultrasonically welded cap for added defense and is often used in laboratories where there is a great risk of contamination. Twist tight seals are also used to guard against fraud when applied to pre-paid electricity meters and on casino gaming tables.

It is vitally important that the correct security protocols be used in conjunction with the security cable seals of your choice. These protocols include using the right seal for your application, fitting it correctly, proper inspection, storing your goods in a secure facility, training your staff well, good record keeping, reporting and interpreting the results. With all of these security measures in place, TruSeal security cable seals will minimise tampering attempts and prevent opportunistic theft.

TruSeal also provides excellent customer service. If you are unsure which of our seals to use, consult with one of our trained sales people and they will guide you to make the best security solution for your needs.