Security Deposit Bags

Moving cash from one location to another is most probably a part of your enterprise. For many, like casinos or banks, investing in a security bag solution is a no-brainer. For many others, cash transportation forms only a small part of the overall enterprise. In either case, the question is not whether you should invest in security deposit bags. Today, anyone still using regular canvas bags to transport cash or other valuables is putting their business at serious risk. The big question revolves around which security deposit bags to use. Some are better than others – and by a wide margin.

Cloth bags were replaced by tamper evident security bags more than two decades ago. In this time many manufacturers have taken to selling products of varying quality. Security deposit bags sold as tamper evident don’t always function as expected with some failing to indicate tampering when a small slit is made in the bag, or more unconventional methods have been used to gain access to contents. Nowadays, quick checks are made of the bags to see if any tampering has occurred, and if the bag’s security measures haven’t been triggered, the bag is passed along in the process without anyone the wiser.

Worse still, are bags of such poor quality tamper markings appear with normal handling, even though no attempt was made to open the bag at any point. These bags get handled a lot and by many people throughout their journey. Unfortunately, rough handling is expected to occur due to large volumes being processed. False positives result in holdups. Tellers then have to check the cash in the bags. After enough of these, tellers sometimes become complacent in checking and reporting since they begin to assume that, “The next one is most probably just another false positive.” That’s clearly no good.

Other problems include bags made of such fragile materials that they simply burst open during handling. Incidents like these are a complete disaster.

TruSeal is South Africa’s top supplier of high quality security deposit bags. The bags are made to withstand extremely rough handling and the tamper evident range, while tough enough to comfortably handle punishment, are extremely reliable at indicating intrusion by any means – heating, freezing, solvents, moisture, or mechanically – no problem.

Plastic drop safe security bags have a tough plastic construction for holding coins and notes.

TruPack 004 and 008 Security Bags are made of durable PVC nylon, are designed to be re-usable, and are fitted with TruSeal’s security locking chamber which can be used with the either the 004 or barcoded 008 security seals.

TruPack CIT Bulk Cash Security Bags are made of heavy – duty PVC nylon and are sealed with a steel pin and washer.

Security deposit bags play an important role in any business that transports cash or valuables of any kind. If you are going to invest in this, do yourself a favour and invest in a quality product that performs as well as you need it to.

We’ve established a reputation as the premiere supplier of security deposit bags. Give us a call or contact us through the website so that we can assist you in choosing the security solution that best meets your requirements and budget.