Security Seal company TruSeal is evolving rapidly and felt it time to evolve our brand identity to reflect this.

Security Seal company TruSeal evolved logo

Security Seal company TruSeal evolved logo

The world is changing quickly through advancements in digital technology, be it sales, marketing or manufacturing.

TruSeal have spent the last few years investing in our digital strategy to make sure we are geared to take advantage of these and stay connected to our customers and give them further value.

Our sales, marketing and manufacturing departments make use of todays most advanced digital tools to make sure you are given a different level of service, value and convenience.

Recent overseas visits to our Security Seal partners will see new products made with the worlds most advanced technologies added to our Security Seal offering to the Sub-Saharan Africa markets.

We wanted our evolved logo to be bold, distinctive and instantly recognised. It has been simplified and also updated with the latest digital friendly fonts that work across all platforms.

New digital advancements will give you more information at your fingertips to help you quickly make decisions on which tamper-evident products to use and which digital printing options would best suite your needs.

If it’s the latest technology you require, you can rely on TruSeal to deliver.