TruSeal established in 1974, is a leading South African-based supplier of Security Seals in Angola. TruSeal is services focussed. We carefully manage stock levels and maintain our delivery network to fast turn-around time on orders. We have an uncompromising attitude towards quality and pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality Security Seals in Angola consistently. TruSeal is able to offer expert advice and custom design special security seals to your individual requirements.

Security Seals are an indispensable part of a comprehensive security solution for many companies and industries in Angola. Security Seals help to prevent and discourage unauthorised access to sensitive documents, keys, cash, tills, and other valuables. Security seals implemented correctly within a security system are effective at preventing tampering with or accessing secured items. Proper security procedures should be put in place to make the best use of either barcoded, numbered or tamper evident Security Seals for your company in Angola. TruSeal works to minimise the security risks for you by offering high-quality, simple to use products by using the latest design and manufacturing technology.

TruSeal Security Seals available in Angola are durable, made of tough PVC, and designed for reuse. We offer different types of Security Seals that are suited to various application. From Barrier and Bolt Security Seals which are designed for sealing shipping containers. To tamper evident indicative Security Seals that provide evidence of any tampering with the sealed contents.

Because TruSeal are leading suppliers of Security Seals we are able to hold sufficient stock levels to guarantee fast turn-around times consistently to our clients in Angola at the right price.