Security Seals For Containers

In order to best illustrate the advantages of using high quality security seals for containers, we’ve come up with the following two examples.

Allow us to introduce you to Merchant A and Merchant B.

Both need to transport a large volume of goods from South Africa to the USA. Merchant A makes what seems to be the more cost effective choice and opts for budget means to secure his freight containers. He thinks that the extra expense on quality high security seals for containers are a wasted investment. Not only is it a greater expense, but setting the supporting security protocols up in order to monitor his goods seems like a waste of time. It may seem a little risky, but the containers are going to be at sea for the most part of their journey anyway, and who’s going to bother with pilfering anything when they are stacked on a ship? Sure, he’ll have the basics in place, but just enough to get away with. All of this high security business with all of the technical terms seems like too much to bother with. He could call someone for a free consultation but decides that it’s just far too much trouble, all in all.

Merchant B is slightly more cautious. He knows the risks inherent to transporting large amounts of goods across international waters and thinks it far the wiser decision to invest in additional security. Even if no one attempts to break into one of his containers, he knows that his custom branded, laser marked, high strength, high security seals are going to act as a massive deterrent. The way he sees it, the cost of loss should theft occur would far outweigh the initial investment in additional security. He calls TruSeal for a free consultation and they assist him in choosing TruSeal STS203 bolts with an ISO17712 rating for their excellent build strength, and because they meet the branding and sequential numbering requirements that he requires. In addition to this, he makes sure that his other security measures are up to scratch and that checks will be performed at the appropriate times. Believing that he has made a worthwhile investment he enjoys a good night’s sleep.

Fast forward a few weeks and we see two drastically different stories unfold. Merchant A has lost most of his goods. The cheap security seals he had in place were easily bypassed and most of the contents were stolen. What had seemed like an initial saving turned into a very costly exercise. The cheap seals had also been covertly replaced, so no one knew until the containers had been opened. There was no way of identifying location of theft as he hadn’t implemented checks and his decision not to use sequentially marked security seals for containers meant that it was impossible to check after the fact.
Merchant B had no theft occur. The fact that he used high security seals acted as a massive deterrent. In the case however that Merchant B did have a single unauthorized entry, the location could be easily determined and the culprits quickly apprehended.

Who would you rather be?

Make the smarter choice and go with TruSeal. We offer world leading high security seals for containers, assist you throughout the procurement process and offer branding solutions.
An investment in better security is the best investment that you can make.