At any one time millions of shipping containers sealed with security seals are moving around the world either by sea, air or road. With the invention of the shipping container goods are able to be shipped to every corner of the globe. Shipping containers can however be used for illegal purposes like drug smuggling, human trafficking of terrorism. No matter the type of container, its destination or origin, shipping containers are a target for smugglers or terrorists.

Each container entering a port needs to be sealed with a Security Seal. By sealing shipping containers with Security Seals border agents are able to detect suspect shipments and guard against smuggling & terrorism. Various different types of Seals can be used to seal shipping containers with varied levels of Security.

Indicative Security Seals

Fixed length Security Seals such as BullTip Security Seals or ACME T Security Seals can be applied to the shipping container which will give border security agents and indication of tampering. A Plastic Strap Security Seal like the STS035 can also be used to detect tampering of a shipping container.

Cable Security Seals

Cable Security Seals such as the STS029 and STS045 can also be applied to shipping containers to show evidence of tampering and also act as a physical barrier. Cable Security Seals need to be removed by purpose built Cable Cutters such as the Knipex Cable Cutters. These kinds of Security Seals also come in various lengths and if the Cable Security Seal is long enough they can be placed around the locking rods of the shipping container, thereby sealing both doors of the container.

Bolt Security Seals

Bolt Seals such as the STS203 & H Bolt Security Seal are the most widely used kinds of seals in the industry for sealing shipping containers. Bolt Seals are predominantly made up of steel and some plastic and are made to be used only once. These kinds of Seals are made up of two parts that are pressed together to lock the shipping container. Removal of Bolt Seals can only be done with purpose built bolt cutters.

Security Seals being removed by border agents or security personnel need to be checked for evidence of tampering. The use of Security Seals on shipping containers will provide the quickest indicator whether a shipment has been compromised or not. If Security Seals have been found to be tampered, the shipping container can be stopped and quarantined for a full investigation.