Security Seals can play a very important role in helping you get your families to school and work each day. Each time you fill your car with fuel, Security Seals have been used to make sure there is fuel at your local fuel station and that it’s of the highest quality and free of contamination.There are five main parts to the fuel supply chain. Domestic production or importing of crude oil. Refining of crude oil into fuel. Storage of the fuel at bulk terminals. Fuel tanker truck transportation from bulk storage to your local fuel station. Fuel Station retailers.It is often thought that South Africa is not an oil producing country, however South Africa now produces about half its petroleum needs. PetroSA is the national oil company of South Africa.

The main activities of PetroSA is the extraction of natural gas from offshore fields about 89 Km’s from Mossel Bay in the Western Cape, South Africa. The refinery converts natural, methane-rich gas into ultra-clean, low-sulphur, low-aromatic synthetic fuels. The production of synthetic fuels from this gas is through the GTL process, gas to liquids. The refinery is located in Mossel Bay and produces about 45 000 barrels per day. Security Seals are used to make sure that the manufacturing environment is secure. This is critical to maintain the integrity of these products.

Security Seals are not only used to protect product quality but also to ensure that access to restricted or sensitive areas within the fuel manufacturing environment is adhered to. Once converted the fuel is then sent to depots for storage until it is needed at fuel retail outlets.

Security Seals & Fuel Transportation 

Freight operators transport fuel from storage depots to your local fuel retailers with fuel tanker trucks. Fuel because of its high value and widespread use is a desirable commodity for thieves. Freight operators and the fuel industry lose hundreds of millions of Rands a year through fuel theft. Various types of Security Seals are used to seal loading points on fuel tankers such as TruSeal’s STS029 Cable Seal, Ultimate Seal and STS035 Strap Seal.


TruSeal STS029 Cable Security Seals

These seals which are serially numbered and easy to apply are designed for ultimate tamper-evidence. Security Seal serial numbers are recorded on dispatch of the tanker from the depot. Once the fuel tanker arrives at the fuel retailer, the Security Seals are inspected and serial numbers verified.

The fuel is then unloaded into underground storage tanks at your local fuel retailer ready to fill your car and get your family to school and work.

Security Seals are a small yet important detail in ensuring traceability and integrity when getting fuel into your vehicles.