Security Seals Overview

Security Seals

Security seals are present in almost every application where anything of value needs to be transported from one place to another, irrespective of distance. They can be found in use on sea & air freight containers, casinos, restaurants, cash-in-transit, and laboratories. Giving due consideration to the benefits offered by employing the latest means of protection offered by high-security seals as an extra layer of protection against tampering and theft is imperative for any business serious about maintaining its reputation and consumer confidence.

TruSeal offers a wide variety of seals to suit almost every need, most of which offer variants that can be barcoded to protect against fraudulent seal replacement. We offer plastic seals, metal seals, cable seals, and indicative seals with varying levels of protective functionality. We can also laser brand seals with your company information.

Barrier Seals & Indicative Seals

Security seals are classed in different categories of Security. Barrier seals act as a physical barrier and resist entry and tampering, making it more difficult for individuals with malicious intent to gain access to contents. Indicative seals act as deterrents by providing evidence of tampering. Thorough level of threat assessments need to be made in order to accurately determine which security seal is best suited to your application in order to maximise security.

Plastic Seals

Plastic seals can be used almost anywhere from ballot boxes, to trucks, retail to airlines, bulk cash bags and fire escapes. We provide numerous solutions, covering almost every use. Our Ultimate Seal, for instance, is constructed with a metal spring that features a spring steel locking insert while our Valve Seals are tailored for use on oil and LPG gas cylinders or valves, with a simple tear-off tag for removal without tools.

Metal Seals

For cash-in-transit, cash boxes, sea & air freight containers, pre-paid electricity meters, casino gaming tables and laboratories or metal seals, made from tin-plate steel are an ideal solution. Varients include the TruSeal ACME T Metal Strip Seal metal seals, with unique double locking action and inspection holes built into the lockbox, and the Guardlock™ metal strap seal.

Have a look at what we have to offer or get in touch so that we can assist you in deciding what best suits your particular application.

In addition to the correct seal being used, security protocols such as inspection, removal and disposal of seals, along with record keeping and staff training need to be established.

When used in combination with our security bags, an ideal level of additional security can be implemented to help deter and prevent unauthorised access.

We guarantee excellent turnaround times and courier our seals from Johannesburg to anywhere in the country. Orders can be tracked online at any time.