Industries that require security seals don’t only include the obvious such as cash-in-transit and financial institutions such as banks, but also casinos, hospitals, schools, universities, libraries and shopping centres are just some of the other industries that make use of seals. Security seals are used in a number of industries and a plethora of applications – any place, in fact, that holds large amounts of cash or other valuables can and will at some time or another use these seals that play a role in deterring theft and detecting tampering.

It is therefore quite safe to say that there are a number of situations and applications that require security seals when it comes to handling, transporting or storing valuable items. Applications ranging from cash boxes, sea & air freight containers, pre-paid electricity & water meters, gaming equipment and sensitive material from medical laboratories all require the safety that security seals can offer.

Further industries & companies enjoying the benefits of using security seals within the various logistics applications like sea & air cargo, road & rail freight, petroleum & liquids transporters.

By making use of security seals, goods are kept safe and secure whilst in transit or storage minimising tampering and theft, these can include documents, keys, ID’s & passports amongst others.

An evaluation of the level of threat per application and industry needs to be established which will determine which security seal is required, either an indicative seal which will provide evidence of tampering or a barrier seal which will resist tampering.

Security Seals Cargo ships

Indicative security seals are usually made from plastic and can either have a variable-length or fixed-length. Applications for indicative security seals include, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, securing the neck of bags or emergency escape doors.

High security seals or barrier security seals can be made from various materials including metal or steel cable covered in plastic. High security seals will require special tools to be removed including bolt cutters or wire rope cable cutters.

Sequential numbering and various print options makes each security seal unique and allows for the creation of an audit trail.

Security Seals